Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse Review

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Planetary Herbals is the manufacturer for Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse. The supplement claims a combination of cleansers that leave the consumer feeling lighter and full of energy. Build-up of environmental toxins can affect health and well-being, according to Planetary Herbals. Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse works to rid the body of these environmental ills.

The official website for Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse supplement offers a complete ingredient list and suggested retail price. The consumer can buy 72 tablets for $12.50 or less. Bottles of 150 tablets often sell for $23.98 or less. Planetary Herbals does not appear to sell supplement directly from the official website at this time.

List of Ingredients

Dietary fiber, calcium, burdock root, Pau D’Arco bark extract, Pau D’Arco bark and red clover blossom.

Product Features

Pau D’Arco, as an ingredient, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The bark and extract are supposed to have healing qualities that have been used to treat cancer, HIV, tumors and skin conditions. None of these effects have been tested and proven, but the claims are there none-the-less. There are no cleansing qualities assigned to Pau D’Arco bark or Pau D’Arco bark extract.

Burdock root is a familiar ingredient. Used in many cleansing products, burdock root is a strong diuretic that helps move gathered toxins out of the body by increasing urination. The fact is burdock root makes the consumer use the bathroom more often, but there are no health benefits to going more often unless fluid retention is a problem.

Red Clover Flower is thought to help naturally treat more than 50 health conditions and concerns. Among the long list was the term diuretic. There is little doubt red clover blossom is used in Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse for its diuretic qualities.

The ingredient list for Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse does not provide any positive insight into why this product is better than other cleansers. If Milk Thistle was an ingredient, it could be assumed that was being added to cleanse the liver. Other common ingredients would make the product a better cleanser as well, but as it stands this supplement is ineffective.

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  • Complete ingredient list found online.
  • Price is lower than other cleansers.
  • There are very few ingredients for the dieter to research.


  • The most effective cleansing ingredients are not added to Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse.
  • Pau D’Arco bark has been linked to excessive bleeding.
  • No health warning is added for people taking blood thinners.
  • Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse does not include cleansers.


Pau D’Arco Deep Cleanse has an interesting name but a less than interesting formula. There are no clinically proven ingredients in the formula and no natural laxatives common in cleansers. Toxins are not pulled from the body because none of the ingredients work to achieve that end result.

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