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Paul Kenny is a scientist at the Scripps Institute. As a researcher, he has dedicated his working career to finding out the “whys” and “hows” of addiction. In one study, rats were given unhealthy food choices for a given length of time. When those food choices were replaced with healthy food, Paul Kenny found a connection he related to cocaine addiction. Food addiction is thought to be one of the main causes of obesity in the world today. Processed foods and food high in fat may trigger the brain chemical Dopamine, which may be a factor in addiction. Paul Kenny found the release of Dopamine from a happy experience, like eating junk food caused the lab rats to eventually starve themselves when the unhealthy food was no longer available.

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Paul Kenny is a scientist at the Scripps Institute.

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Lab rats have been used to test a variety of health supplements and weight loss products. The study Paul Kenny was involved with was something a bit more familiar. Lab rats were given a diet of junk food – high calorie and high fat. When scientists replaced that junk food with healthy food choices, the rats chose not to eat at all. Voluntary starvation is a sign of addiction.

Paul Kenny also noted that rats were willing to accept a mild shock to their feet in order to gain access to the junk food. The rats continually acted as if they were addicted to some form of drug, rather than bad food. According to Paul Kenny, this addiction is the source of much research. The researchers hope to find a vaccine to stop addiction to food and, potentially, overeating. Paul Kenny noted that rats do not feel the social desires humans do to fit in so the addiction to junk food is clearly on a biological level.

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  • Paul Kenny is doing research to find a possible cure for overeating.
  • Kenny is a Scripps Institute scientist.


  • Research can take decades to complete.
  • There is no guarantee a vaccine will be found for food addiction.


Paul Kenny is a scientist working on a connection between Dopamine and overeating. The possibility that junk food causes the same type of addiction as cocaine is a huge connection that could prove beneficial to all dieters who have tried to lose weight only to fail due to what they consider a lack of willpower. Paul Kenny plans to continue working on the potential vaccine in hopes of treating people addicted to food on a cellular level as opposed to trying to retrain the brain to eat healthy foods and make good food choices.

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