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PayasUgym (Pay As U Gym) is a UK-based fitness club that puts the path to fitness in the hands of the individuals and not the club. Typically, members have to pay binding contracts and early termination fees associated with gym memberships. There are certain gyms on the market offering no commitments, yet make members pay a monthly rate to use the fitness clubs. Payasugym eliminates the need for a contract or a monthly commitment. The business allows members to pay for what they use, nothing more. We have heard of pay-as-you-go mobile technology. Will it work with fitness? We will find out.

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  • UK-based fitness club franchise.

Product Features

The concept of PayasUgym is simple. Members find a location based upon facility, gym types, pass type or amenity. Choose a pass. The three categories include, 1 Session, 1 Month and 3 Month. The 1 Session Pass allows members to visit participating gyms for one session. The 1 Month Pass allows members to visit participating anytime for 30 days. The timeframe starts after purchasing the pass and the pass is non-refundable. The final pass is the 3-month pass. This pass is similar to the 1-month pass, except the timeframe extends to 90 days. After purchase, you simply visit any participating gym. When you arrive, show the employee the code and use the facilities.

The price of membership could potentially become expensive if dieters decide to visit gyms with more amenities. The pricing changes based upon the area dieters decide to visit. The pricing we saw on the website ranged from £7 for the 1 Session Pass to £136 for the 3 Month Pass.

We feel the pay-as-you-go theme of PayasUgym is ideal for dieters looking for a fitness club matching their lifestyle. Dieters have the ability to avoid contracts and fees commonly associated with joining a fitness club.

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  • Dieters only pay for gym time used.
  • Bundles are available.
  • More than 900 gyms are available to visit.
  • Individuals are not limited to one gym.


  • The pricing is potentially high for the average dieter.


PayasUgym is truly a unique concept. Individuals only pay for what they use, instead of being bogged down by contracts and commitments. The high price of fitness tends to lead dieters away from fitness clubs. Although the price to attend some of the fitness clubs with the most amenities is high, the overall price is worth it when visiting limited amenity clubs. We like how PayasUgym allows members and potential members to search for locations based upon their weight management needs and not the needs of the gyms. For the money, PayasUgym is a great investment.

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