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Peak ATP is an adenosine triphosphate supplement that claims to increase energy by giving the body what it needs to produce more energy. Protein Factory often makes claims and references clinical trials, but no links are ever included. Peak ATP lists pre-clinical trials as support for the claims, but none of the trials is concluded with verifiable information that a consumer could use to support the supplement.

Peak ATP cannot be ordered as a supplement. Instead, it must be added to a protein powder sold by Protein Factory. This increases the price of the protein powder by $2. Not all Protein Factory protein powders are customizable. Free trials are not available and no testimonials are published in regards to Peak ATP.

List of Ingredients

Adenosine Triphosphate.

Product Features

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is used for energy production. This is the only fact represented by Protein Factory. ATP is produced by the body when carbohydrates and fat are metabolized for energy. If the body uses more energy, more carbohydrates and fats are metabolized and more ATP is produced. There are no food sources of ATP so this supplement must be synthesized in a lab.

We could not find any clinical trials supporting the use of ATP or Peak ATP for increased energy or energy production. The body produces ATP so additional supplementation is wasted.

Increasing energy is simple; add caffeine or green tea to the diet. Exercise also increases energy. Bodybuilders and dieters can use natural sources of stimulation to increase energy. Caffeine, for instance, is clinically proven to raise energy levels. Caffeine can be found in diet sodas, coffee and in supplements. Another source of energy is B vitamins. The body uses as much of the B vitamin as it needs and then flushes the remaining vitamins out of the body. There is no toxic level of B vitamins.

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  • ATP is used in various cellular processes.


  • Peak ATP is not proven to increase energy.
  • There are no clinical trials supporting ATP supplementation for increased energy.
  • The body creates ATP as needed.
  • Peak ATP must be purchased with a Protein Factory protein powder.


There is no proof that Peak ATP will increase energy. Caffeine, however, is proven to boost energy levels. We tend to support proven weight loss and bodybuilding ingredients as consumers have grown to expect as much. Peak ATP by Protein Factory is a useless source of ATP.

When choosing a supplement, consumers should look for testimonials, clinical trials and free trials. If these elements are not included by the supplement manufacturer, there is no reason to trust any product description. Green tea, caffeine and chromium are three proven ingredients we support.

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    Larry Kolb

    You have this review all wrong! PEAK ATP is not an energy supplement, the ingredient has been proven to delivery clinically proven benefits to increase strength, lean mass and muscular endurance in well trained athletes. As a pre-workout supplement, oral administration of PEAK ATP increases bloodflow, muscle excitability and it delivers these proven benefits. This ingredient to excellent because you DON’T NEED CAFFEINE