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Peak Immune 4 is a supplement produced by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Company. The main ingredient is found in foods like rice, wheat and corn but the human stomach cannot break down the grains to extract the immune system benefits. Peak Immune 4 claims to have solved this problem with a patented technology. Peak Immune 4 sells online for as low as $35.99. Some retailers list the price at $59.90 per bottle, however. The official website for Peak Immune 4 offers very little information on the main ingredient aside from the fact that it supports Natural Killer Cell Activity.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend of Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound.

Product Features

Peak Immune 4 is sold under a variety of names including BioBran and MGN-3. The supplement claims to be sold in more than 30 countries. Support for the immune system is crucial to overall body health, but will not provide benefit to dieters trying to boost weight loss efforts. Rice bran also has a history of containing arsenic, which can lead to cancer.

With only one active ingredient, Peak Immune 4 is placing the sole weight of its claims on rice bran. Rice bran is commonly shed when rice is cleaned for packaging to be sold in stores. The left over bran has become a popular ingredient in cleansers and immune boosters. One study through the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom showed levels of arsenic higher than allowed in China. China is the only country that places limits on arsenic levels in food.

Arsenic is a poison and is considered toxic to humans in certain amounts. There is no way of determining how much arsenic is found in Peak Immune 4. Any supplement that poses a health risk such as those associated with rice bran should be avoided. There are safer supplements out there including Vitamin C and Echinacea that will improve immune system function without the potential health threats associated with rice bran.

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  • Possible immune system support.
  • Peak Immune 4 can be ordered online.


  • Potentially high levels of arsenic.
  • No support for fat burning.
  • No increase in metabolism will result from taking Peak Immune 4.
  • Not a safe alternative for immune system support.


Peak Immune 4 claims to provide immune system support with one ingredient – rice bran. With several studies proving the presence of arsenic in rice bran, dieters should consider the benefits versus the potential health threats when choosing a rice bran supplement. If immune system support is desired, dieters may see healthier benefits by choosing Vitamin C based drinks and supplements or taking a daily dose of Echinacea. Weight loss and metabolism function will not be supported by Peak Immune 4.

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    If there is arsenic in Peak Immune 4, why sell the product knowing it is dangerous? I don’t understand