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Pedialean is one of the very few weight loss supplements targeting children who are overweight or obese. Generally, children should not take supplements of any kind unless the ingredients are verified and proven to be safe for use by children. Pedialean is created by Klein-Becker who has a reputation for charging far too much money for their supplements. Pedialean retails for about $70 for a single-months supply. Depending on the ingredient list this could be an overcharge as well.

List of Ingredients

Pediatropin: Proteinophallus Rivieri / Araceae Tuber Extract.

Product Features

We love the long ingredient name for something that is extremely simple, glucomannan. Glucomannan is generally considered safe for adult consumption as a source of water soluble fiber. Studies have shown a bit of hope for glucomannan for blood glucose control in patients with diabetes. Another study showed an increase in weight loss when patients were given glucomannan prior to meals, but the weight loss was insignificant and could have easily been achieved with heart healthy, fiber-rich vegetables instead of glucomannan.

Is glucomannan safe for children? There is no reason to believe glucomannan or any other natural fiber is unsafe for children. The average American diet is about 10 mg short in the fiber department every day. For weight loss, even more fiber than that is suggested. Fiber, when taken before a meal, slows down the digestive process because it does not move through the intestine at the speed of other foods. If there is no place for food to go, it sits in the stomach until the intestine space is freed up. During this time, you are not hungry because the stomach is full. This is why supplements like Pedialean work to help children lose weight.

Natural fiber supplementation is cheap. There is no reason to spend the $70 for Pedialean when children can eat foods that are high in fiber and achieve the same results. With the rise in popularity of fiber, children can eat high-fiber breads and cereals and increase that feeling of fullness without a supplement.

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  • Glucomannan may help children to feel fuller faster and longer.
  • Fiber is a healthy addition to any diet.


  • Pedialean is overpriced fiber.
  • Some parents may not be comfortable giving their children a weight loss supplement.
  • Klein-Becker uses a long, technical term for fiber instead of revealing the ingredient to parents.


Children are young and impressionable. Typically, weight gain and obesity in childhood can be linked to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and potentially genetics if parents have the same weight problems. Fiber can help slow down digestion, but it is not a substitute for good eating habits and healthy meal and snack choices.

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