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Advanced Metabolics, of Portland, Maine, is the manufacturer of Pentabosol and claims that the dietary supplement is the original diet aid. This U.S.-patented diet powder is Ephedra-free and contains no stimulants. Pentabosol was co-created by Michael and Mary Dan Eades, both MDs, best-selling authors, and recognized weight-loss experts. They maintain that their product is one of the only supplements that truly works beyond simply dieting and exercising. Consisting of only natural ingredients, Pentabosol is available in lemonade flavor, and is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Besides helping people interested in reducing their body mass index (BMI) and reaching a healthy target weight, Pentabosol also assists in maintaining a healthier blood cholesterol level.

Doctors Michael and Mary Dan Eades are a husband and wife team with 15 years experience making dietary and medical discoveries. Concentrating on human weight loss and health improvement, the Eades were two originators of the opinion that high protein and ‘good fat’ diets are more beneficial than other diet fads. Along with the introduction of Pentabosol, the Eades have designed studies and diets that allow the participants to eat dairy, eggs, and red meat without negative dietary results. Pentabosol picks up where the Eades diet studies leave off by naturally boosting protein levels for the supplement takers.

List of Ingredients

1mg Riboflavin, 600mcg Biotin, 400mcg Chromium polynicotinate. Other ingredients include: L-Aspartic acid, Garcinia cambogia, Hydroxycitric acid (fruit), L-Carnatine, L-tartrate, Guar gum, natural and artificial flavor, maltodextrin, sucralose, citric acid.

Product Features

Pentabosol is a dietary supplement that is patented with the U.S. government, made of natural ingredients and is Ephedra- and stimulant-free. It can be taken as part of any weight-loss regimen and works best with a low-carb diet and moderate exercise. It is available as part of a risk-free trial.

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  • U.S. patented dietary supplement
  • Claims to be the product of weight loss experts
  • Ephedra-free and stimulant-free
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Pleasant lemonade flavor


  • Pentabosol increases the liver’s production and storage of glycogen (glucose or blood sugar) which may be an issue with some people, like diabetics.
  • Pentabosol is expensive and costs up to $90 a month.
  • Pentabosol is not a magic pill or powder-people still need to eat well and exercise to see results.


Pentabosol is a dietary supplement that comes in powder form. Besides being produced by doctors and medical experts, Pentabosol is all-natural and is free of Ephedra and other stimulants. Pentabosol works by boosting the body’s protein levels, curbing hunger, and assisting in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Although Pentabosol can be expensive, its maker, Advanced Metabolics, claims that the supplement works quickly and efficiently and is well worth a monthly fee of $90. Also, if you buy 3 months worth ($210), you can get two months free.

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    My mom used this too loose weight and it worked she lost all her weight fast and ever since she used I wanted to use it but it costs so much and you can only buy it off online I wish they had it in stores…but other than that good job!!


  • 2

    how can I purchases this item


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    Diana Yancey

    Is Pentabasol still being marketed(sold)? Over the months I have tried to communicate with their Home website and have receieved no response. I would like to purchase Pentabasol because it has been something that has help me lose weight without having negative reactions. Thank you


    Your Name

    Me too what Is wrong with this company?



    how do I get this product