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PeptoPro by DSM is one of the newer protein supplements available on the market. Typically, protein supplements require the human body to digest the protein 100%, but newer products include partially digested protein making it easier for the stomach to finish digestion and utilize the protein faster. The official website for PeptoPro seems to be aimed more at athletes as opposed to people trying to lose weight. PeptoPro also claims to be one of the few protein supplements that is taste free leaving behind that unique taste often found in supplements created from tiny proteins.

List of Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Casein.

Product Features

PeptoPro is not a standalone supplement that consumer can buy as part of their weight loss program. The company appears to sell the product to companies in Europe and the United States for use in other protein based supplements and products. Under the consumer products section of the website products are listed for sale in the United States and other countries that use PeptoPro in their supplements. Listed products include Stealth and NO Shotgun by VPX Sports, Electro Pro and Amino Peptide by NOW Sports and various products by the Protein Factory.

While the official website offers very little information about how the protein is created, it does supply a bit of information about the potential uses for PeptoPro – gels, drinks, energy drinks and bars and protein powders.

There are many products in the weight loss and bodybuilding market today that use PeptoPro as the main source of protein. This could mean the protein is the best available or that it is the least expensive and dieters will never know the difference. What dieters do know is that PeptoPro provides a lean source of protein to boost protein levels of a meal or shake without a bad taste. Protein is important to weight loss as reduced calorie diets tend to be low in protein. If the body does not receive enough protein it will turn to the muscles for the proteins it needs. Eating a good source of protein protects muscles from wasting during weight loss leaving only fat as an energy source.

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  • Protein is a healthy element of weight loss.
  • PeptoPro is popular among huge name supplement companies.


  • Dieters cannot buy PeptoPro as a standalone protein.
  • The products that use PeptoPro may not be safe or effective.
  • Some protein shakes using PeptoPro are high calorie.


PeptoPro is an ingredient supplied to supplement manufacturers. As such, the dieter cannot access this lean, pre-digested protein without paying for the supplement in which it is contained. Some of these supplements are far too expensive while others are just not fit for weight loss – such as weight gainers and creatine supplements.

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