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Wisconsin-based Immuno-Dynamics, Inc. is the developer and supplier of a colostrum called PerCoBa. Established in 1980 by Dr. Richard H. Cockrum, Immuno-Dynamics claims to offer the only “pure, unaltered and uncompromised bovine colostrum” on the market today. Colostrum, otherwise known as first milk, is the late-pregnancy milk produced by mammals. According to one scientific resource, most species will generate colostrum within one day of giving birth. Besides being a natural laxative that helps induce a mammals first stool, Colostrum also contains immunoglobulins, which are antibodies and immune system boosters. Considered the father of colostrum research, Dr. Cockrum has been studying the health benefits of colostrum on the human body for over 40 years. He developed PerCoBa to be pure, true colostrum-a health supplement that he believes reduces stress, boosts immune systems, fights inflammations, battles bacterial and viral infections, acts as an antioxidant, and may even prevent or treat cancers. Dr. Cockrum suggests that, with PerCoBa, 80% of all active biological components of colostrum are harnessed and gathered within the first six hours-a very important window after which the substances are referred to as transitional milk and are much less effective. One user and proponent of PerCoBa exclaims, “People who are dedicated to maximum quality of life will want to use the only true colostrum, which is PerCoBa.”

The most effective biologically active substances in PerCoBa are: Immunoglobulins IgG and IGF-1, Lactoferrin, and Thymosin. The combined (alleged) effects of these ingredients, along with other various nutritional supplements, result in basic preventative and nutraceutical health benefits, including immune support, intestinal health, reduction of irritable bowel, improved mineral absorption, antioxidant enzyme activation, improved cholesterol levels, weight management, proper adrenal and thyroid function, reduction in sarcopenia (muscle loss in the elderly), positive insulin sensitivity, and athletic performance enhancement. Currently, there are four PerCoBa products: Extra Edge Colostrum Capsules are $16.95 for a bottle of 60, PerCoBa Extra Edge Colostrum Powder is $64.95 for a 250 gram jar, PerCoBaUltra Colostrum Extract in a 4 fl oz bottle is $34.95, and PerCoBa Lozenges are $24.95 for a 100 count bottle.

List of Ingredients

Fat, Lactose, IgG1, IGF1, Leptin, Ecos Lactoferrin, Thymosin alpha 1, Thymosin beta 4.

Product Features

PerCoBa colostrum extract is believed to improve immune systems, help manage weight, and provide a host of other health benefits. People interested in using PerCoBa to improve their health can choose from pill capsules, powder, liquid extract, and lozenges.

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  • Even lactose intolerant individuals report that there are no negative reactions when taking PerCoBa.
  • Four easy-to-take forms of the colostrum-based supplement are available.
  • PerCoBa is the purest and most unadulterated form of colostrum available.


  • No testimonials are featured on the website.
  • There is little information regarding exactly how beneficial ProCoBa is.
  • ProCoBa is not advertised as a diet aid. It is more of an immune system booster and health supplement.


While ProCoBa, a colostrum-based health supplement, allegedly helps with weight management, it is not a weight loss drug. The product is more for general health and is derived from bovine colostrum, which is basically late pregnancy/birth milk. While the alleged health benefits are impressive, there is little proof that humans can live a healthier life after taking ProCoBa regularly.

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    Great product, great results! I love it


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    Please note the quantity/pricing of the PerCoBa products have been updated. Please visit the website for currant pricing


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    We would like to acquire information regarding the wholesale pricing for professional doctors. We have a sellers permit and license to re-sell at our clinic. Please email me the information needed.



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    I would not go with out it!!! Ever…I was having UTI’s not anymore.