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The Perfect Situp is a piece of fitness equipment aimed at reducing belly fat and increasing abdominal definition. As is the case with all abdominal machines, the Perfect Situp does not address the need for cardiovascular workouts to reduce weight. If the dieter is carrying extra weight around the midsection, this machine will not help them reduce weight to slim the problem area. Everyone who purchases the Perfect Situp receives a diet along with machine instructions. The diet is likely the reason for weight loss claims, not use of the Perfect Situp.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal machine with leg straps to increase resistance.

Product Features

The Perfect Situp is another in a long line of abdominal machines that claim to make significant changes in the midsection with short, daily workouts. The machine sits on the floor and the user just lay down to use. Feet are placed in the feet cuffs. Machine specifications state maximum weight for the Perfect Situp is 300 pounds and maximum length is 59 inches. This may be too short for taller users and the low weight limit means dieters weighing more than 300 pounds cannot use the machine.

Testimonials are available on the official website for the Perfect Situp, but none of the users were extremely overweight or obese before starting on the weight loss plan included in the literature. Not one of the testimonials talks about the suggested diet nor do the user reveal whether they used supplements to increase weight loss while working out with the Perfect Situp. The testimonials appear as if the only thing the users did was perform sit-ups with the machine.

A free trial for the Perfect Situp costs $14.95 for shipping. If the dieter chooses to keep the machine, they will be billed the full price of $98.95 in monthly installments. Leg resistance bands come with the machine, but extra resistance at higher tension is available for an additional cost.

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  • May help increase abdominal muscle definition.
  • Free trial is available.
  • Buyers can pay monthly.


  • Does not address cardio fitness.
  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Testimonials reveal nothing about weight loss diet or supplement use.
  • Maximum weight and height limit the number of people who can use the machine.


The Perfect Situp may be perfect for some dieters, but if weight is a problem, this machine will not increase metabolism. The dieter needs to eat right, exercise and take a supplement or two to increase metabolism and support general health. None of these key factors are supported by buying the Perfect Situp. The total cost of the machine is more expensive than some competitor models. Situps are free of charge at home.

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    I am 229 lbs with a high tummy. I want to if it is possible to get abs using the perfect sit up?



    A couple of 30LB dumbells (2xWeek), a strict diet and using this machine 2x per week allowed me to loose 102LBS. I am looking for a second unit. My first unit’s heat piece it tearing off. 277lbs in 2009 to 172 now. Good luck… Post on this site if any ??? ;)