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What You Should Know

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Perfect Slim 5X is a Chinese weight loss formula sold in bulk online. The package is complete with the name of the supplement and ingredient information, but that does not mean the supplement cannot be repackaged under a different name in a different bottle. When diet supplements like Perfect Slim 5X are sold in case quantities of 300 boxes or more there is a good chance someone is purchasing the supplement for resale. One bottle of the supplement sells for less than $17 and all ingredients are listed in the brief product description.

List of Ingredients


  • Ebony
  • Fox-Nut
  • Tuckahoe
  • Semen Pruni
  • Dioscorease
  • Wheat Germ
  • Nature Substance

Product Features

Ebony is a relatively ambiguous ingredient. There are no clinical studies proving this ingredient improves weight loss or has any positive effect on health. There is mention on several alternative medicine websites that ebony is used in remove parasites from the body. Fox-Nut can be consumed in whole and herbal form. The nut is packed with protein and carbohydrates, but as a supplement Fox-Nut is supposed to strengthen organs, provide antioxidant support and relieve diarrhea. Tuckahoe is a diuretic that may have a tranquilizing effect. Semen Pruni is also known as the bush cherry. Semen Pruni has a laxative effect on the body. Dioscorease may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Wheat Germ is a common food product and Nature Substance is an unknown ingredient.

When it comes to weight loss supplements there are three main ingredient categories dieters need to watch closely, diuretics, laxatives and stimulants. While Perfect Slim 5X does not contain any stimulants, it does contain a diuretic and laxative. Diuretics force fluid out of the body and laxatives cause increased bowel movements and may cause diarrhea. The potential for diarrhea could be the reason Fox-Nut is added to Perfect Slim 5X.

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  • We were able to find a complete list of ingredients.
  • The supplement is extremely affordable.


  • Contains ingredients that cause water loss.
  • May cause diarrhea.
  • At least one ingredient is unknown.
  • Sold in bulk, which could mean the supplement is designed to be repackaged.


Perfect Slim 5X is not a proven weight loss supplement. We searched several websites specializing in Chinese herbal supplements and none offered reviews of the formula. We were able to find many reviews of products with similar or identical ingredients. Dieters report diarrhea and abdominal cramping after taking the supplement. Any weight lost while taking Perfect Slim 5X is likely associated with water loss and the laxative effect.

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