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For those that are new to the diet and weight loss game, rest assured that there are plenty of books out there that endeavor to assist with weight management and maintaining a young/healthy body. Now we will take a closer look at The Perricone Promise, which was written by one Dr. Nicholas Perricone M.D. This text addresses how to stay young and beautiful, but also how to remain healthy and live longer. It can be purchased through You will also find reviews for The Perricone Promise on this website. The cost varies depending on whether you want a new book or not.

With The Perricone Promise, there are three steps addressed for looking and feeling young. These three steps involve a specific diet plan, the taking of supplements each day, and using the right topical cosmetics/skin care products, which are created by Perricone. This three-pronged approach to feeling young and staying fit discusses how the user can increase his/her metabolism and start burning away unwanted calories more quickly. The immune system is strengthened and cardiovascular health is improved. The particular diet program addressed in The Perricone Promise is a 28-day diet. Some of the foods that are encouraged to eat are chicken breast, turkey breast, olives, ample water and strawberries. Fresh fruits and vegetables are promoted in this weight loss book, just as they are in many others.

Product Features

The Perricone Promise is essentially a text that aims to help women and men with remaining youthful and healthy. This 232-page book not only addresses how to shed unwanted body fat and tone up, but also how to improve the texture/clarity of your skin with the right topical treatments. Daily supplements are also a key part of The Perricone Promise. As opposed to calling this text a weight loss book, it’s more correct to call it a health and beauty guide. The author identifies 10 super foods in this book and discusses how they can benefit anyone with weight loss, beautiful skin and overall health.

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  • Some individuals may like that there are no prescription drugs involved with The Perricone Promise.
  • it is not difficult to find and purchase this text online.


  • Although the price on The Perricone Promise is not high, all of the skin care products and supplements that are supposed to be purchased with it can get rather expensive.
  • This type of health and beauty program may be too involved for some individuals.
  • Not all of the reviews for this book are positive.


All in all, The Perricone Promise is basically just a health and beauty guide. While it is nice to see a book that addresses different aspects of staying young and attractive, it may be difficult for some individuals to purchase all of the skin care products and oral supplements that are addressed in this book. Furthermore, it sort of looks like Perricone is hyping up his own skin care line so that more people will buy it. You may have better luck with a book or supplement that is geared specifically toward weight reduction.

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