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Peruvian Rainforest Botanicals was the first company to introduce a natural product called Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) throughout the whole of the United States, and is now the leading supplier of Cat’s Claw through the entire world. The success of Peruvian Rainforest Botanicals has been achieved because of their commitment to running the company with truthfulness. They provide outstanding quality, and offer enormous value in their products. The result of this is continual client satisfaction.


The active ingredients of Cat’s Claw may be a group of alkaloids that stimulate the immune system. Recent reports have shown that it has a role in making the immune system in cancer patients work better and that it also has anti-mutagenic properties. All of the alkaloids that are contained in Uncaria tomentosa except for rynchophylline and mitraphylline have properties that stimulate the immune system and can also augment phagocytosis in vitro.

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The Spanish name Cat’s Claw is “Una de gato”. It is given this name because of the claw like features on the vines that look like cat’s claws. It is thought that the inner bark of the plant contains the medicinal properties. Local tribes are known to have used Cat’s Claw for some 2000 years as a treatment for: asthma, arthritis, diabetes, gastritis, gonorrhea, gastric ulcer, cancer, viral infections, tumors, menstrual disorders, general debility, convalescence, as a stimulant for the immune system, and to hasten the healing of wounds. Cat’s claw is can be found as capsules, tablets, a tincture, elixirs and also as a cream. It can also be steeped in hot water and used as a tea. It is sometimes found mixed with other herbal medicines such as aloe.

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  • Cat’s Claw is an excellent general healer.
  • Stimulates the immune system


  • This product should not be taken if you have an autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, or tuberculosis.
  • Health care providers min Europe do not combine this herb with insulin, hormonal drugs, or vaccines.
  • Do not take this product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Cat’s claw may stop platelets from forming clots, so be cautious if you are already taking a medication such as, which thins the blood.
  • There is another plant that is also known as cat’s claw having a botanical name of Acacia gregii that is being bought in mistake for Cat’s Claw. Acacia gregii is poisonous and could contain a cyanide compound.


The Peruvian Rainforest Botanicals company makes a solid commitment to the environment. The business is said to only harvest a necessary amount of ingredients in environmentally friendly ways. In addition, the products are moderately priced and the company does promise quality. However, the potential risk of using cat’s claw seem to out weight the possible benefits. It would be wise to consult a physician before using this product.

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