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Pet Friendly Health is a company that manufactures and distributes health supplements for pets. The company looks to improve the health of our pets with a number of different supplement answers. They claim that all of the products that they manufacture for pets are done so under the “Good Manufacturing Practices” that have been laid down by the Food and Drug Administration. The guidelines published by the FDA are said to guarantee that Pet Friendly Health products are untainted, successful and are of a good quality. There are a number of products that address such problems as skin disorder, diabetes and joint problems. Pet Friendly Health’s aim is to improve the health of your pets with natural supplements.

Pet Friendly Health markets a number of products for your pet’s health. There is Dermaxol, an answer to the many skin ailments that commonly trouble dogs and cats. This formula claims to deal with rashes, sores, eczema and dry, itchy skin. Another product, Diaxol, is a diabetes treatment that will lower your dog or cat’s blood sugar safely. Pet Friendly Health’s ProJointin is a formula to aid arthritis-like tissue and joint degeneration.


Diaxol is designed to lower blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance in dogs and cats. It is made up of all-natural ingredients that are essential in making it safe and effective. Dermaxol safely heals your pets’ eczema, rashes, cuts, sores, burns, and many other skin infections. If left untreated, these types of indications can degenerate into several serious bacterial infections that could be damaging to your pet’s health! Dermaxol is designed to take care of all types of skin conditions. Clinical studies have shown that Projointin Arthro-Ionx can be 99% effective for animal joint degeneration. That’s a strong claim, but there are many success cases claimed by a veterinarian surgeon on one website..

Product Features

There is now a safe way to not just treat, but also prevent several ailments affecting dogs and cats..

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  • These products appear to be excellent preventative medicines for those pets that have a chronic problem.
  • Prevention using one of these products can be far cheaper than veterinarian bills that can occur when a disease is initially left untreated.


  • Pet Friendly Health do not have their own website to adequately explain their products, and one has to rely on explanations from second hand websites offering the products.
  • It is difficult to give a true opinion when the actual ingredients are not listed.


Pet Friendly Health offers a number of health supplements that are specifically designed to do everything from dealing with skin conditions to managing diabetes in pets. The supplements can be found on a number of different websites, where pet owners will see several benefits and a variety of prices>

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