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The Petite Advantage Diet is a diet program created by Jim Karas, the same man who wrote The Business Plan for the Body. He designed the program specifically for women who are 5’4’’ or shorter, to help them understand the differences in what their bodies need and how to lose weight. If you are a petite woman who has been struggling with weight loss, read this review to find out more about the book and how the diet works so you can decide whether or not this will be the way you can reach your health and weight loss goals.

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The Petite Advantage Diet is based on the fact that smaller women do not need as many calories, and by following a standard diet meant for taller women, it is easier to gain weight. The basics of this diet involve eating no more than 1600 calories a day for 21 days. The caloric intake is cycled, to keep the metabolism guessing and moving quickly so as to prevent muscle breakdown. For two days, you eat 1100 calories, and on the third day, eat 1600 calories. Your biggest meal should always be at breakfast, to help with appetite control throughout the day. There are some meal suggestions though most of it is left up to you. For people who need to be able to stick to the diet while eating out and on the go, there is a chapter dedicated to helping you make the right decisions when dining away from home.

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  • The Petite Advantage Diet is designed to help petite women reach their health and wellness goals.
  • An exercise plan is included with this diet plan.


  • The Petite Advantage Diet is not suitable for women taller than 5’4’’ or for men.
  • This diet is only a 21 day plan.
  • This plan requires counting calories.
  • If you do not like following a structured plan, you will not like this plan.
  • There is not a maintenance plan for this diet.


The Petite Advantage Diet is a good approach for weight loss for petite women. There is a full exercise program designed to help women lose fat and increase muscle to help with more than weight loss, but total body composition for an overall improvement in health. The diet is high in protein so as to keep you full and help prevent muscle breakdown, as is a common side effect of a constantly reduced calorie diet. If you combine this approach with a clinically proven safe and effective fat burner or appetite suppressant, and follow the exercise recommendations presented in the book, then you should be very successful at reaching your weight loss goals.

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