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PF Fat Loss by Protein Factory is a unique protein supplement that allows the customer to customize the formula. The supplement is a protein powder, but drop down menus allow the customer to add various elements to create a one-of-a-kind supplement to be used as a meal replacement shake, pre-workout shake or post-workout shake depending on the ingredients included. The base price for the PF Fat Loss supplement is $12.64. Each ingredient added increases the price of the supplement. At full-price, with all optional ingredients added, the PF Fat Loss supplement retails for $22.84 per pound.

List of Ingredients

BioFresh Whey Isolate, Omega Muscle, Oat Muscle, Hydrolyzed 1400, Tonalin CLA.

Product Features

The Protein Factory website and PF Fat Loss information is a bit confusing. We could find no testimonials for the product or reviews about the different flavors concerning which one may taste the best. In terms of customizing an ingredient list for a protein shake, we do not like the fact that consumers have to research each and every optional ingredient before adding it to the protein shake to ensure it will fulfill their personal needs. None of the ingredients listed will increase fat loss.

Whey Isolate is a typically form of whey protein added to protein shakes. Omega Muscle is an omega fatty acid complex. Omega 3s are associated with improved heart health and reduced risk of heart related illness and disease. Oat Muscle is a form of oat protein. Hydrolyzed 1400 is another source of protein. Tonalin CLA is conjugated linoleic acid. CLA has been linked to stomach discomfort and gastrointestinal distress. It was once used as a fat burner, which is probably the only “fat loss” ingredient in PF Fat Loss, but it has not been proven to increase weight loss or fat loss.

Dieters will not likely have any idea about the optional ingredients. This leaves many dieters out of the loop in terms of taking advantage of a healthy protein snack or meal replacement.

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  • The base price may be lower than average protein supplements.
  • Omega 3s may improve heart health.


  • Dieters will not have any idea what the optional ingredients are used for.
  • The price of the protein shake will all ingredients is higher than average.
  • CLA may cause side effects like upset stomach and bloating.


PF Fat Loss is not a fat loss product. The protein shake may be used as a meal replacement shake, but vitamins and minerals would have to be added to the supplement. There is that option, but a dieter could add an ingredient like Carbogen, which is a carbohydrate ingredient, and throw the total calories into the range that could cause weight gain.

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