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What You Should Know

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PF Rapid Burn capsules are food and energy supplements said to increase energy and metabolism while burning fat. This new product was recently launched and claims to allow users to ingest more calories while still being able to reduce fat and weight. Not readily available online or in North American stores the manufacturer does not provide information in regards to proven effectiveness nor a full list of ingredients.

Rapid Burn is produced by the PF, or Proteinfabrikken, Corporation. The PF Corporation is based in Scandinavia, with a headquarters in Norway. The company operates in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and China, in some places through subsidiaries, and has about thirty employees. The PF line is a leading brand in Scandinavian countries and produces products relating to sports and nutritional supplements as well as capsules, powders and shakes meant for fat burning and weight loss. One of these products is the PF Rapid Burn supplement, which is sold in bottles of 120 capsules for about 398 kroner. No pricing in U.S. dollars is currently available online. The PF Corporation says their “strategic objectives are to keep up the development of new products with a sound and sensible macro set up of the nutritional baselines between proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.” According to company literature the PF Corporation aims to be a market leader for high quality, low fat and healthy sports, nutritional and diet supplements and aids.

List of Ingredients

PF Rapid Burn contains Anhydrous Caffeine – Kelp, Green Tea Extract, Hoodiea, Magnesium, Manganese, Licorice Root, Flax Seed Oil Powder, Ocean Mineral/Trace Mineral Complex (powder), Banaba Extract (Glucotrim), White Kidney Bean Concentrate (Fabinol), and Corleus Forskohli Extract (Forslean).

Product Features

According to Proteinfabrikken, Rapid Burn capsules are designed to increase metabolism, fat burning and weight loss. Rapid Burn is said to decrease cravings and appetite as well as blocking carbohydrates from turning into fats. It is recommended the capsules be taken a daily with water and are meant to burn fat while increasing muscle mass.

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  • These capsules are easy to administer and ingest.
  • Many of the ingredients are natural.


  • PF Rapid Burn’s claims of fat burning and weight loss are not substantiated. Any studies or proof of effectiveness are not readily available.
  • The product is not widely available in North America or online.
  • Few reviews for Rapid Burn are available, thus it is unclear whether this product does deliver on its claims to reduce fat, appetite and weight.


PF Rapid Burn capsules are said to speed up metabolism and boost energy thereby increasing the body’s ability to burn fat and to stop new calories from being turned in to fat. According to the manufacturer this process decreases body fat and weight while increasing healthy muscle mass. Unfortunately, there is little information or reviews available to substantiate these claims. Proteinfabrikken does not provide any evidence to suggest that their capsules are as effective as promised. Furthermore, the capsules are not readily available in the North American market and reviews of this product are also scarce making it nearly impossible to verify the manufacturer’s claims.

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19 User Reviews about PF Rapid Burn

  • 1

    i’ve been simply eating healthy and exercising and lost 6 kilos in 3 weeks but also want to lose it faster definitely won’t try this product


  • 2

    Just commenced on Rapid Burn Booster Pack 2 Days Ago

    Pros: More energy, Less consumption on food, easily full

    Cons: Slight Insomnia, Urine color change due to lots of Vit B

    I work 2 jobs and constantly working on nights! More energy so far is good


  • 3

    Brad, it is now Oct 20th, how are you going with Rapid Burn, I am looking at buying some today?


  • 4

    Started on the Rapid burn Metabolism Booster and fat trapper yesterday and so far i can say the booster does increase energy levels helps in motivation for training and also have noticed my appetite is increasing but im eating five small meals a day and with low calorie intake while working out alot harder so that may explain the increase in appetite the past two days im currently at 94.6kg will let you know how i go at the end of these bottles



    Hi Brad,

    Can you give me an update on how you are going. I just purchased Rapid Burn and am hoping that it really does what it says it does.


  • 5
    charlene stanbridge

    I have taken rapid burn metabolism booster and fat trappers on and off over a period of a year or more, have lost 7kg but maintaining a healthy eating plan too, I love this product


  • 6

    I’ve been taking RB for 1 and a half weeks. Lost 2.5kilos so far. Will post again at end of May 2011 to advise if loss continued or not.


  • 7

    there is no good comment on here, well none that reasures u anyway. i want to get the tablets but im not to sure after reading these… u meant to say out of all 11 coments its only worked for one person and who no’s it could be all lies anyway


  • 8

    I have using Rapid Burn tablets and have found them to be useless.


  • 9

    i did it for two weeks and was extreamly sick every morning after taking it. throwing up until oit was out of my body.. give it ago, it might work for you.. good luck :)


  • 10

    I have started rapid burn shakes and i am concerned at the amoount of sugar in the shakes? Is it too much or not?


  • 11

    rapid burn and rapid loss are 2 completly different products rapid loss- stomach feeling shakes
    rapid burn- weightloss tablets
    i am starting on rapid burn tomorrow so will be back in a couple weeks to tell you what i think of them.


  • 12
    Sam Ashton

    Like all weight loss products I believe it comes down to willpower. Products like these help the willpower. I have only had the shake (rapid loss) and it is really really nice. It has a pleasant taste and it does make you feel fuller.


  • 13

    I swear by this product.. Rapid burn worked for me :)


  • 14
    Jenny Fleming

    Stay away from the product, my son got extremely sick. You are better trying a good weight loss program which has been proven.



    Hi my name is Tracey and i was woundering what you meant by your son get sick on this product?could you be more possific because i am interllectually Disabled.Because from what i have seen on tv they say that this product really works .

    Thanking you
    Miss T Wagner



    I am also wondering what you mean by sick as i am on the tablets.


  • 15
    Gaylene Talbot

    Trying to order rapid loss on line but cant find it wats been advertised on tv


  • 16
    Lea Nixon

    can you please tell me if this is the rapid burn, where ray kelley is involved in, I want so badly to get started. So I’m hoping that this is the right site