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What You Should Know

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PolyGlycopleX, commonly referred to as PGX, is a fiber that comes alone or as an ingredient in weight loss shakes or other dietary products. One website we found stated that it was discovered by the University of Toronto and tested at the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine in Coquitlam, B.C. We could not find a link to the manufacturer’s website.

List of Ingredients (in a capsule product)

  • Amorphophallus konjac K
  • Koch root
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Xanthan Gum

Product Details

The claims about this dietary fiber are that it is highly soluble and absorbs 600 times its weight in water. It promotes regularity and fills you up. We could not find the manufacturer website, and it may be that this is an ingredient used by multiple manufacturers in various products.

The Good

  • If it works as promised, it may help you eliminate waste, resulting in temporary weight loss.
  • this is a heavily marketed product available through a lot of independent retailers.

The Bad

  • We could not find a company website for PolyGlycopleX. The only information came from independent sellers.
  • There are no free trials available.
  • Taking this product would require additional water intake. Taking it without adequate hydration could be dangerous.


We do not recommend this product. We found no manufacturer website, so the manufacturer is largely unknown and the information can’t be verified. While fiber is a healthy part of any diet, we recommend a diet and natural sources. Artificial fiber works much like a laxative, aiding waste elimination and cleaning out the colon. People on a healthy diet with a lot of fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains do not require colon cleansing and need no supplement to maintain healthy elimination.

Adding large amounts of fiber to a diet can cause gastric distress, gas, and the need to use the bathroom suddenly and at inconvenient times. The recommended daily amount of fiber for an adult is about 25-30 grams, and many foods contain plenty of fiber. Eating fiber rich foods like broccoli, sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, squash, nuts, oatmeal, apples, blueberries, raspberries, whole grains or beans every day will keep you regular and give you a healthy balance of nutrients to satisfy your hunger. There’s no point in losing weight if you wind up unhealthy with bad eating habits. Losing weight while creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is a much better choice.

Instead of interfering with your gastric functions, get your fiber through healthy food choices as nature intended. Find a brand of products with an appetite suppressant or fat burner to supplement your healthy, balanced diet.

10 User Reviews About PGX

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  • 1

    I started it today and I am really bloated. I will not be continuing with this stuff.


  • 2

    been using PGX for 3 weeks now…. for the second time. First time I tried to ease into it by using half dosage. Didn’t work – so now am taking recommended dosage – Was loosing approx a pound a day but had a little hiccup with food intake but am back with a steady loss. My concern is what happens when I hit my target – quite cold turkey? Taper off back to minimal dose? take for the rest of my life? I cannot find any direction on this.


  • 3

    It is always a safe practice, before taking any of these advertised ‘Cure Alls’ to consult with your family Doctor. I have also talked with my pharmacist and dietician and they say, don’t believe anything these ads tell you. They are trying to sell a product and make money. They don’t tell you the side effects, generally speaking, about what people experience, good or bad, by taking their product. Best procedure is to stay away from TV ads that promote these kinds of things. They probably are going to do you more harm than good.


  • 4
    Emma Peele

    PGX is made by a reputable company Webber. It works, no bloating, water retention etc. I think this site is flogging its “Top Rated” diet aid as well as some belt for your abs. What a crock….there is NO subsitute for exercise!!


  • 5

    PGX is not intended for weight-loss. It was designed to slow down post-prandial glucose absorbtion for diabetics.



    I have been taking PGX about 2x/day for the last month or so, especially to slow down post prandial glucose, which I believe works. I have been taking only 1 at a time before meals but serving size is 2, so today I took a total of three. I like to ease into this things. Anyway, I have had no problem with stomach discomfort and I don’t have cravings or that hungry feeling I used to get. I have learned to eat healthy, so this works fine for me. I have lost about 4 lbs, am a slow to lose but I like it that way. I don’t know if it’s the PGX or otherwise, but I have no complaints with it.


  • 6

    You made the right decision Renee – I also had a lot of bloating, constipation, felt water retention, puffy. And I took half the recommended dose from the beginning to ease in to it. Good decision to scrap it.


  • 7

    Anyone have a problem with retaining water? I’ve had swollen hands and ankles since taking this product. When I stopped the water went away.



    I’ve used PGX and hated it. I already have a very healthy diet, and wanted a bump to get over a weightloss plateau. Much to my dismay, all I felt was bloated and constipated, even with gradual dosage (not full amount from beginning). I felt puffy and retaining water too. As soon as I stopped taking the product, I felt much better. Good decision.



    I gained 4 lbs in one week with pgx daily, and i woke up with puffy eyes. Im going to the doctor tomorrow.


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