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The book PH Living Miracle has been written by Robert O Young and Shelley Redford Young. The book is available to order from a number of online stores including Amazon. The basic philosophy of the book is that in order to have maximum health and to achieve your ideal weight, the food you eat should be made up of a ratio of 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid.


There are no ingredients as PH Living Miracle is a diet book.

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The theories propounded by Robert and Shelley Young are not new. In the last century the famous American Psychic Edgar Cayce advocated following a diet which involved eating a ratio of 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid Food. The PH Living Miracle explains why in the opinion of Robert and Shelley Young eating a diet which includes a reduced amount of acidic food and an increased amount of alkaline food will help you achieve your ideal weight and also optimum health. The diet advocated in the PH Living Mirackle means cutting out sugar, dairy products, meat and fruit from your diet. The foods that you can eat are basically fruits and vegetables. This is quite a drastic diet and some have criticised it due to the fact that it involves cutting out fruit from your diet. However a number of online reviews from people who have read the book and faithfully followed the diet seem to suggest that the diet does have some success both in helping achieve weight loss and improving health.

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  • The book the PH Living Miracle is available for purchase from online shops.
  • There are a number of complementary online reviews for this book written by those who have read it.
  • This PH Living Miracle diet does seem to help some people lose weight and also increase their energy levels.


  • The PH Living Miracle diet is quite a restrictive diet.
  • Some experts criticise the PH Miracle Living diet as it involves cutting out fruit from your diet.
  • The PH Living Miracle Diet is of course not the only diet to choose from, those who wish to lose weight have hundreds of diets to choose from.
  • There is no evidence that the PH Living Miracle Diet is more effective than other diets available to follow.


There are some faithful followers of the PH Living Miracle Diet. However criticisms of it include the fact that it is very restrictive, making it a difficult diet to follow and also the fact that it involves cutting fruit out of your diet. Furthermore there is no evidence that following this diet is a more effective manner to lose weight than following other diets available.

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    Doug Reid

    weight loss? why is everything about weight loss, it should be about HEALTH! if you choose a healthy “diet” (lifestyle of eating) you will have better health, you will have more energy, and eventually lose more weight. Start with health first, eat good and be active, then the weight will be shed.


  • 2

    Does,in your opinion, the Ph life style help prevent cancer by maintaining an alkaline body?