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Pharmafreak is dietary supplement company specializing in products containing high levels of proven weight loss ingredients. The founders of the company, Don Gauvreau and Alex Savva, are highly educated in the field of science, but neither is a physician. Both are former bodybuilders who use experience in the field to transform the business. There is a wealth of information relating to each of the products on the website. Dieters have the ability to learn about training plans as well as diet. The products are available on the website as well as through third-party websites such as

List of Ingredients


  • Pharmafreak is dietary supplement company servicing a variety of fitness types.

Product Features

Pharmafreak does not offer one product; the company features more than 20 products. The product line includes fat burners and thermogenic supplements, post-workout supplements, testosterone boosters, strength and recovery supplements and pre-workout products. You have the ability to locate retail locations throughout North America and Internationally. Aside from the product lines, individuals have the opportunity to learn about nutrition and exercise through a series of videos on the site.

Throughout the site, there is mention of clinically proven ingredients. Once we deciphered the proprietary blends, we noticed products containing green tea, caffeine and chromium. Aside from those three ingredients, there were no other proven ingredients. The proprietary blend concerned us. The dieter is not provided the exact amount contained in each supplement. Is the dieter actually receiving the correct amount of the proven ingredient?

The dietary products are not available to purchase on the website. You have to visit a third-party site. The only items available to purchase on the website include apparel. When we found the Pharmafreak products, we noticed the price. There was no product under $50. We feel as if the average dieter will potentially seek an inexpensive alternative.

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  • The Pharmafreak website features information relating to diet and exercise.
  • The ingredient list is available n the website.
  • Several products contain proven weight loss ingredients.


  • There is not information relating to scientific research or clinical trials.
  • The products are not available for purchase on the official website.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The products are expensive.
  • The ingredients are listed in a proprietary blend.


We like how the founders of Pharmafreak are linked to the supplement industry by way of bodybuilding. With that being said, the average dieter is not a bodybuilder. The supplements from Pharmafreak are not designed for the average dieter; the supplements are designed for bodybuilders and athletes. The products make several claims not backed by clinical trials or scientific research. We did not find testimonials from individuals who purchase the products. A main consideration is the price. Several of the products exceed $100, with the lowest priced item being $50.

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