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Pharmanex Tegreen contains a proprietary blend of green tea extracts used to support skin health from inside the body. There is clinical researching showing positive skin benefits after 12 months of taking the supplement listed on the official website. Before and after photos are also available showing skin benefits. Sometimes, supplements are created for one purpose but fulfill another. Pharmanex Tegreen supplies the same amount of green tea as seven brewed cups with less than 1-percent caffeine. While caffeine would be fantastic for boosting metabolism, the EGCG present in the supplement is enough to give the dieter a weight loss boost. The only negative aspect of the Pharmanex Tegreen supplement for dieters is the lack of a detailed ingredient label. We have no idea how many mg of green tea are included in the supplement. If we knew there was enough green tea to match clinical studies on metabolism, Tegreen could support skin and weight loss at the same time.

The Pharmanex website lists clinical studies for Tegreen, but none of the studies mention weight loss. The supplement is likely more expensive than other green tea supplements sold for general health or weight loss. There are no other ingredients, that we can determine from the product description, to support weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend of Green Tea Extracts.

Product Features

Green tea is one of our favorite weight loss ingredients. Pharmanex Tegreen is formulated and sold for skin health, but that does not mean the dieter cannot use the supplement for weight loss support. On average, the dieter needs to consume between 300 and 350 mg of green tea to improve metabolism. The proprietary blend mentioned in the product description does not reveal how much green tea is included.

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  • Green tea is clinical proven to increase metabolism.
  • One serving of Pharmanex Tegreen supplies the same amount of green tea as seven cups.


  • No specific amounts of green tea listed in the product description.
  • The product is not designed for weight loss.
  • No appetite suppressants.
  • The green tea is virtually caffeine-free.


Pharmanex Tegreen is a supplement designed for skin support. The before and after photos show great improvements in skin clarity and evenness after 12 months of use. According to Pharmanex, the product needs to be used for at least two years to see optimal results. This is not the case in terms of weight loss support. We love the fact that Pharmanex Tegreen supplies green tea, but we would like to know how much green tea is included in the supplement.

Dieters can add other ingredients to their personal supplement schedule to support the effects of this supplement.

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