PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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If you are new to the world of diet pills and supplement formulas for weight loss, then you may not be familiar with Ephedra or Ephedrine. Basically this is a substance that was used in over-the-counter fat loss formulas a while back. This component was touted as an excellent fat burner. It increased the user’s core heat and metabolism, encouraging fast calorie burning. However, it was discovered that Ephedra is highly dangerous, and leads to health conditions. This is why it was banned. Now there are formulas with ingredients that are claimed to work like Ephedra. One of these is PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth.

Two of the core ingredients found in PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth are Caffeine and DMAA. While Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic that may increase energy levels, DMAA appears to resemble Ephedra. More specifically, DMAA mimics a neurotransmitter (epinephrine) in the user’s brain. This is claimed to improve mental clarity, energy, and overall physical performance. However, since Ephedra is a substance that was banned in the US, you may want to consider that there could be side effects pertaining to PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth.

List of Ingredients

A full list of ingredients is not provided.

Product Features

PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth is a formula that is claimed to heighten thermo genesis, which is your core heat or metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the more rapidly you burn off calories and fat. Therefore people with improved thermo genesis can burn off excess body weight more quickly. This product is also supposed to boost the user’s energy levels and improve mental acuity. Although the cost of PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth is $19.99, this product may no longer be available via an official website. Regardless, like most weight loss supplements, this one is directed to be taken daily, and the user should consume ample amounts of water.

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  • This dietary supplement may improve mental clarity or focus.
  • The user may experience increased energy levels when taking PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth.


  • This product does not appear to be available any longer.
  • PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth contains a component that mimics Ephedra, which may be dangerous.
  • There are no positive testimonials found for this diet pill.
  • PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth may lead to sleeplessness, headaches, jitters and nervousness.
  • A full ingredient list is not provided for this weight loss product.


In the end, we cannot recommend a diet product like PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth. After all, this supplement does not come across as a very safe fat reduction formula. Not only is there very little information provided on PharmaPro 1,3-DiMeth, but also, there is no full list of ingredients offered for review. This could be a major problem for dieters with allergies. Then there is the issue of side effects. If this supplement contains an ingredient that is like Ephedra, it is difficult to determine how safe it really is.

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