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Pharma Resources International is a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing and supply company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The company specializes in providing customer service and ingredients of the highest quality, emphasizing the importance of quality above quantity. The company has numerous supplements, herbal compounds, berry powders, all of which are designed or designated as diet supplements, nutrition supplements and herbal cures and preventatives. From Acacia Powder to White Willow Bark, it’s all there. There is little information about this company on their website, which exclaims that it is still under construction. The one thing that there is, however, is a full list of the products that they market and distribute.



There is a full list of products that are available for sale on Pharma Resources website, but little else, merely a long list of the name that each of their products is marketed under. To be fair, most of the products on the list appear to be products that can be used as ingredients in a more complex product. This provider is probably of more use to companies in the retail trade rather than individuals looking for dietary products. You are advised to contact the company directly through their contact page for any further information that you may need.

Product Features

Specializes in providing exceptional customer service and high quality ingredients to all of their products. They emphasize the importance of quality rather than quantity. However, we visited several online stores that stock this product and some 90% of the sites visited showed that their Pharma Resources products were out of stock, so there is some doubt whether or not the company is still active

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  • If you are looking for individual compounds or herbal powders this may be the website and company for you as they appear to have a full range of products.
  • There is a dedicated website for Pharma Resources.


  • The products listed on the Pharma Resources website all appear to be individual chemical compounds or dried powders derived from some fruit or vegetable.
  • There are no prices or amounts quoted on this website.
  • Since there is no company information it is difficult to tell whether this is a genuine company or something else.


You will need to contact the company direct, which you can do through the “contact” webpage on their website, to get any more information on their products. Although they are all listed on the rather sparse website, there is little else to go on. There are no details regarding the amounts (weights) that each product is available in and no pricing whatsoever. There is some doubt as to whether this Internet company is still selling its products.

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