Phase 1 Hunger Control Review

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Buying a weight loss supplement is a delicate process. After all, you do not want to waste your money on a diet pill that does not work. Well, there are some simple measures you can take to improve your chances of pinpointing the right weight loss product. First of all, you should find out if the product actually contains proven weight loss ingredients. Secondly, you should learn more about the return policy that applies to the diet pill, if there is one for that matter. While some products have a “guarantee,” the guarantee might only apply if the product is unopened or still half full. In this review, we will help you learn more about Phase 1 Hunger Control, which is a diet product that is available online.


  • Olibra

Product Features

Phase 1 Hunger Control is a powder supplement that is made by Pharmachem Laboratories. This interesting formula is claimed to suppress hunger. This way you will consume fewer calories, which should lead to weight loss over time. There is no special, low-calorie diet plan or exercise program mentioned for Phase 1 Hunger Control. Furthermore, the actual product label with ingredient list was not found for this formula. There is no official price posted for this diet product either, which makes it difficult to compare the cost of this supplement to other weight loss products.

There is only one ingredient mentioned for Phase 1 Hunger Control powder. It is Olibra, which is supposed to cause a feeling of satiety. Olibra is described as a fat emulsion, and there does not appear to be any clinical research provided to support the effectiveness of this substance. The actual amount of Olibra used in each serving is not specified either.

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  • Phase 1 Hunger Control might help curb appetite, which can help with weight loss.
  • This product does not require a prescription.


  • There is no official price posted for this weight loss formula.
  • Phase 1 Hunger Control is not backed by a satisfaction guarantee.
  • There is only one ingredient mentioned for this diet product.
  • It is unclear how effective Olibra actually is.
  • This weight loss powder does not burn off fat and calories.


When it comes down to it, there is really no reason to choose Phase 1 Hunger Control over diet pills that contain proven weight loss ingredients. While this powder supplement does offer Olibra, there is no clinical research presented on this ingredient to prove its effectiveness. Moreover, very little data is presented on Phase 1 Hunger Control. There is no price posted for this product, no complete ingredient list is found, and no type of refund guarantee is offered to set minds at ease.

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