Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula Review

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There are certainly different approaches to fat loss. While some people focus on a lean diet plan, others spend hours at the gym, working out. Then there are those who visit a doctor for a diet pill prescription. Regardless of what you choose for weight reduction, you must make certain that it is safe and healthy. Therefore it is imperative to understand any dietary supplements you are going to take. This brings us to Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula. It is a supplement that is sold online and in some drugstores for around $20. This capsule formula can be taken before each “high-starch” meal you consume. One to two capsules should be taken each time.


  • Kidney Bean Extract
  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Water

Product Features

Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula may be able to assist you with weight loss and weight gain prevention. By taking this formula 30 minutes prior to eating starchy foods, you can help prevent starches from being absorbed, and converted to fat. According to online dealers, this supplement has been proven to neutralize starch, and interfere with the regular digestive process. This in turn may prevent you from packing on additional pounds. It also allows you to eat starchy foods, if you prefer them.

The only active ingredient mentioned for this weight loss formula is White Kidney Bean Extract. This natural ingredient assists the body by neutralizing starches, which essentially means that starches are not absorbed, and then stored as fat. These starches are commonly found in foods like potatoes, rice, crackers, bread, pasta, and corn. There are no special ingredients used in Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula to accelerate fat burning or suppress appetite. With each dose of this weight loss formula, you receive 500 milligrams of White Kidney Bean Extract.

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  • This weight loss supplement is all natural.
  • There is a money-back guarantee provided with Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula.


  • There are no key ingredients used in this product to burn off fat.
  • Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula may cause side effects like abdominal pain, bloating, and excessive gas.
  • No appetite suppressing ingredients are used in this supplement.
  • There are some negative customer reviews posted online for this product.


In the end, you have to really take a moment to consider whether or not it is healthy to take a diet pill that interrupts your body’s digestive process. Some health experts will tell you that it is not safe or healthy. You should also keep in mind that Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer Formula may cause abdominal bloating, gas, and even cramps. Lastly, this formula does not suppress hunger, and it does not actually assist with fat burning.

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