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Phase’oLean Forte tablets contain an exclusive double-strength Starch Blocker formula, and have been developed over many years of research by Dr. J. John Marshall and his team. The company manufacturing this product have developed a process for extracting specific fractions of proteins and using them to make the product, for which there is a US patent pending. Studies have been carried out into the way the product affects animal weight and there have been human clinical trials that have shown that the extract has been most effective in bringing about a significant weight loss in individuals. It is important to note that although this formula is successful in blocking carbohydrates, it in no way affects the absorption of other vital nutrients that the body needs, and so vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals and phyto-nutrients that we ingest are not affected by this product.


The actual chemical names of the alpha-amylase inhibiting units contained in this products are not provided, just the fact that they are derived from legumes.

Product Features

Every two Phase’oLean Forte tablets contain at least 50,000 alpha-amylase inhibiting units. These consist of plant extracts, including phaseotein from legumes that prevent the absorption of starch. They do this by preventing its digestion by the enzyme alpha-amylase. Starch is found in foods we eat, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and many of the processed foods such as breads and other fast foods as well. Starch is the source of between 500 to 700 calories a day for the average American adult. When someone consumes a food that is rich in starch the pancreas secretes an enzyme known as alpha-amylase into the gastric tract. This enzyme breaks down larger starch into glucose. Glucose that is not used by our muscles is turned in to glycogen and stored as fat.

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  • Phase’oLean Forte claims you can continue to eat starch rich food and your body will not be assimilate all of the carbohydrates.
  • Secure and easy On-Line Ordering


  • No listing of the actual chemical involved in the inhibition of

  • Does not promote exercise or a change in eating habits.
  • They do not list the product ingredients


There is no argument to the fact that lowering the number of calories in your diet is a beneficial way of improving your health, as well as of losing weight. Many individuals have problems in keeping to a controlled diet of any kind. Phase’oLean Forte starch blocker tablet claims you can eat what you want and still lose weight. However, the company does not list the product ingredients. This may be a helpful supplement for individual weight loss, but no weight loss will be permanent without eating right and exercising.

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