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Phendimetrazine is a crystalline powder that’s white and odorless. Also known as Phendimetrazine Tartrate, this substance is incorporated into pills in order to assist people with weight reduction. This diet product is a “phenylalkylamine sympathomimetic amine,” which is similar to an amphetamine. Phendimetrazine affects the user’s blood pressure and central nervous system. Basically, this diet drug aims to suppress the user’s appetite, which will lead to the consumption of fewer calories overall. Although there is not an official website for Phendimetrazine, this is actually a serious pharmaceutical drug that’s acquired with a doctor’s prescription.

Like many other weight loss products, Phendimetrazine comes with a few warnings. Individuals that should not take this diet pill are those with heart disease, nursing mothers and women who’re pregnant, unless use is specifically directed by a doctor. Phendimetrazine is intended to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet plan. This diet supplement can be purchased online for $39.95 for 30 tablets. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of Phendimetrazine offered at this time. Some side effects that may occur with Phendimetrazine are sleeplessness, dry mouth, blurred vision, upset stomach, dizziness and irritability. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials available for this product. Phendimetrazine is not offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Phendimetrazine is a dietary supplement that endeavors to help women and men lose unwanted body weight. This diet pill is taken daily, one hour prior to eating each meal. Phendimetrazine is only intended to be taken over a two to three month period for weight loss. It aims to suppress the user’s appetite, which encourages the consumption of fewer calories. Phendimetrazine is a “phenylalkylamine sympathomimetic amine,” and is similar to an amphetamine. There is some clinical research offered for this diet drug online. It’s encouraged to consult a physician before taking any Phendimetrazine products and usually it is only used to treat clinical obesity, since it is a very potent stimulant. This diet pill often requires a prescription and is sold for $39.95 online, although we would not recommend purchasing this drug without a prescription.

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  • Phendimetrazine is sold in an easy-to-manage pill or tablet form.
  • Phendimetrazine can be acquired conveniently online.
  • This diet drug aims to suppress the user’s appetite, hence encouraging weight loss.


  • There doesn’t appear to be an official website for Phendimetrazine.
  • Customer testimonials are not readily available for Phendimetrazine diet supplements.
  • No free trial samples of Phendimetrazine are available at this time.
  • Many forms of Phendimetrazine can only be acquired with a doctor’s prescription.
  • This diet drug doesn’t appear to be sold with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.
  • Phendimetrazine may not be suitable for some individuals due to certain allergies.
  • Common side effects that pertain to Phendimetrazine are sleeplessness, dry mouth, blurred vision, upset stomach, dizziness and irritability.
  • Phendimetrazine comes with a few warnings that involve those with heart disease, nursing mothers and women who’re pregnant.


Overall Phendimetrazine is one of the more pharmaceutical-grade diet drugs that has been examined more closely by medical professionals. It is not an herbal supplement like most of the pills we review. While in some ways this can be reassuring, it’s wise to remember the warnings that go along with taking a pill like Phendimetrazine. Naturally some dieters would appreciate seeing an actual website with a satisfaction guarantee, some customer testimonials and free trial samples of Phendimetrazine supplements. In the end, it’s definitely wise to consult your physician before considering a diet drug like Phendimetrazine. Especially since this weight loss pill can lead to side effects such as sleeplessness, dry mouth, blurred vision, upset stomach, dizziness and irritability.

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  • 1
    yanira sanchez

    I want to buy product. Send me a mail.


  • 2

    can you break them in half. if you are sensitive to medication.


  • 3

    I’ve been researching that too, if you do find a site where you can purchase phendimetrazine w/o a prescription, please let me know. I know I used to purchase 180 pills for $24.91. Can you imagine. Some places like Kaiser charge $185.00 for only 160 pills??? So do most private medical weight loss centers!


  • 4

    A very low dose of phendimetrazine prescribed as needed by a nutritionist MD was extremely helpful in gaining focus for mild, transient ADHD several years ago.There was no weight loss, however its application for attention problems far exceeded other medications routinely prescribed for adults. There was no addiction to the phendimetrazine, it was frequently stopped suddenly with no discernible side effects or withdrawal symptoms. This off-road application may benefit others now taking more traditional ADHD medications. Aderall taken as needed on occasion has certainly had unpleasant side effects in my experience.


  • 5

    where I can buy Phendimetrazine Tartrate on line? Please I need very very urgent…someone may help me?please let me knos :-(


  • 6

    I have lost 22.5 pounds on Phendimetrizine Tartrate and Calcium Pyruvate.



    How long did it take you


  • 7

    my heart already beats to fast, and i take heart med. will phendimetrazine make it beat even faster


  • 8

    I get dry mouth, but it helps me drink the water required on the diet. I take one 105 mg pill in the morning and I’m not ever hungry. I sleep fine most of the time and I gave up coffee!!!!!


  • 9
    Deborah Ridgeway

    Wonderful weight loss medication…kudoo’s to pharmacy company!



    Hello,can you tell me what is the company pharmacy that sell this product? THANKS



    hello was you able to find out where to buy phendimetrazine?? please help


  • 10

    I am on 35 mg 3 x’s a day. Holy crap do I feel like I have energy! I dont even feel like eating, I have to force myself to, but I get really dry mouth. Does any body else get dry mouth? I want to drink water all the time.



    I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep at night what hours do u take them



    I take the same dose as you. My doctor tells me to take one, 1 hour before breakfast and lunch and the third about 5-6 hrs before bedtime. I have the same feeling of energy and no appetite! Took about 2-3 weeks for them to start working completely. I’m in mid week 5 and I’ve lost 13lbs. I am take Calcium Pyruvate 3x daily (2-2-2=6 total). I take these with my meals, it is a fat burner, also perscribed by my doctor. As for dry mouth, I have noticed. It is noted to take it with a “good glass of water” with every pill. Maybe that will help?



    Try a lifesaver and/or throat lozenges for dry mouth. I just started the pills and my dose is one 35mg pill daily.


  • 11

    yes i take ambien with phendimetrazine


  • 12
    jeff smith

    Can this drug cause a intra-cranial bleed in a 65 plus year-old female?



    I have been taking Phen off and on for about 2 years. GREAT results… however, I have had 3 different episodes of holes in my retina with emergency laser surgery. My eyes/mouth an skin get SO dry taking Phen. And I drink a LOT of water too. Be careful.


  • 13

    Why would anyone trust any pill in the mail,go to doctor,I did got the pill 35mgs,to many nuts on line may sell bad crap.


  • 14

    I am a 26, and started taking Phendmetrazine tomorrow will be a week. I will have to say I absolutly LOVE this diet pill. I have taken adipex before and it would keep me up, and the last few weeks of taking that it didn’t seem to help me not be hungry at all. This new pill I can tell a difference in my energy, eating, and not once has it kept me from being able to sleep. I am over weight and need to lose more than other post I have seen, so my dr has me taking Phendimetrazine 35mg 3x’s a day with a lypo-lean vitamin. Wonders have came out of this. I dont know if i’ve lost any weight yet cause I haven’t weighed. However heres an examle: for breakfast I would eat a bacon and egg bisquit, lunch would be a normal size meal that I would eat all of, and supper would be a big size meal and I would eat all of it…Now I cant even eat a whole sausage bisquit, lunch a pack of crackers or a salad is plenty, supper- half baked potato, salad, and grill chicken (half) and I’m full. So I would recommend this pill to anyone. Also I have joined a gym and love it cause I don’t feel as tired, I have (again) energy.


  • 15

    Can you order phendimetrazine online without a perscription?



    can I buy Phendimetrazine online without a prescription?



    I was wondering can you buy bontril without a prescription?


  • 16
    m wagner

    does phendimetrazine conflict with tegretol?


  • 17

    what is the best way to loss weight while on phendimetrazine


  • 18
    winona perez

    how can i get them through the mail i have a prescribe from my dr but they are very costly


  • 19

    May I take sleeping pills if I am using Phendimetrazine?


  • 20

    Does anyone know if I can take phendimetraxine while on Humira?


  • 21

    I just went to the Dr yesterday for the first time and the pill i was given is yellow with a T on one side and 35 on the other. I think it prob depends on the manufacturer. I have had this experiance with other nondiet prescriptions i have been on.


  • 22

    I am currently taking Phendimetrazinerebut I noticed that the last prescription that I received looks much different than my last months. I have a white tablet marked X on one side and 35 on the other. I am wondering if they gave me a placebo or if it can look like this? Do you have an answer for this?


    Ian S

    Hello Sonja, I hope this finds you and yours well, Where did you obtain the phendimetrazine. ?


    Your Name

    where can you get it?


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