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Phendrex is a dietary enhancement product that is claimed as being a “powerful weight loss aid that you can trust.” According to one website, Phendrex is the first product of its kind to approach weight loss in a new patented three-way line of attack to persuade the body to lose weight. There is very little information about the product and its ingredients available on the Internet. Three separate websites for Phendrex all contain exactly the same information, word for word. All of these websites offer a free trial of the supplement. Exactly the same information appears for the product called Phendrexin XR, and we are convinced that the two products are identical except in name. Information of these websites claim that scientists and doctors have come up with this product only after concerted research and development, and that it is claimed to be the strongest weight loss supplement to be found on the market today. Phendrex is claimed to suppress the body’s craving for food, to stimulate the body’s metabolism, control the appetite and to nullify any carbohydrate intake. It is also claimed to give the body all of the necessary nutrients for it to perform at its best possible level.


The ingredients of Phendrex are said to consist of Chitosan, which is a natural fiber that comes from shellfish, Vanadyl Sulfate, which is said to imitate the effects of insulin, extract from the White Kidney Bean, which serves to block the absorption of starch, Chromium to control the metabolism of glucose and Citrus Aurantium to enhance energy. It also contains natural herbs such as licorice root, green tea, Korean ginseng and nettle leaf which act as detoxifying agents.

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The manufacturers claim that each capsule of Phendrex holds the most effectual pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are gathered together from all corners of the globe. The problem is that they do not publish details of the proportions or amounts of those ingredients. There is some speculation on the Internet that Phendrex may contain phentermine, which may be similar to the banned ephedra but without the side effects.

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  • There are no proven advantages of using this product as its makeup is so vague


  • There is so little information about this product that it has to be suspect.
  • The websites give little information about the and backing to their claims.


There is enough confusion about the correct name for this product to make it a suspect product. Add to this the free samples that are being offered on the internet and the photographs of Hollywood “stars” who are hinted at using it makes us extremely suspicious. The amateur websites that advertise this product do not add to our positive attitude.

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