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Since new diet pills are being released each year, keeping them all straight is a serious challenge. Then again, before you take any diet product, you absolutely must know what you are putting into your body. The truth is some weight loss supplements and diet products are not as safe and effective as they are marketed to be. Ingredients like Ephedra and Ephedrine are dangerous, and can lead to serious side effects. This is why they were banned in the United States and other parts of the world. There are other “diet” ingredients that are unsafe as well. Some ingredients are not even suitable for weight loss pills, but are used anyway. In this piece, we are going to fill you in on Phenolphthalein, which has been used in some over-the-counter diet products.


  • Phenolphthalein

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Phenolphthalein was once used as a laxative. You could purchase this product over-the-counter. However, some studies have shown that this substance can cause cancer and other health problems. This is why Phenolphthalein was pulled from the shelves. Unfortunately this drug has been added to some over-the-counter weight loss supplements. Just to be clear, this is not legal, and these products are not regulated by the FDA.

Since Phenolphthalein functions as a laxative, it probably pulls excess water weight from the body and flushes out any built-up waste. It is used in some Chinese slimming pills, which means you should be very careful about the diet pills you choose. Since this ingredient only works like a laxative, it is unlikely to burn off actual body fat or suppress appetite. Therefore this dangerous ingredient is not even very useful for long-term weight management.

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  • Phenolphthalein apparently works as a laxative.


  • This ingredient can lead to serious health conditions like cancer.
  • Phenolphthalein has been taken off the market, because it is dangerous.
  • This ingredient does not help with fat burning or appetite suppression.
  • There are safer diet pill ingredients used in modern weight loss supplements.
  • Phenolphthalein is not intended for weight loss or fat reduction.


Without a doubt, Phenolphthalein is a diet pill ingredient that should be avoided. Not only does this substance lead to health problems like cancer, but it also only functions as a laxative. Therefore Phenolphthalein is not really useful for long-term fat loss and weight management. It is unfortunate that some shady companies are adding this ingredient to over-the-counter slimming pills. This is why you need to be extra cautious when shopping around for a weight loss product. It is wise to avoid diet pills and slimming supplements that come from China. Also, be sure to carefully read the label on each diet product you consider.

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