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Anabolic Addiction created the Phenom V1 supplement with one purpose in mind – to burn fat off the body with stimulants. The description complains that “stims” tend to have no fat burning ingredients but that is not something the dieter has to worry about with Phenom V1. The supplement ingredient list is packed with enough stimulation to leave the dieter shaking in their shoes, literally.

List of Ingredients


Phenom V1 Proprietary Blend: Cocoa-Theobromine, Cha de Bugre, Hoodia, Guarana, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Maca, Banaba, Guggulsterone, Glucomannan, L-Theanine, Magnolia Bark.

Product Features

It is extremely important for dieters to understand that not all stimulants are marked as caffeine in a fat burning supplement. If you were to look at the label for Phenom V1 there is caffeine, but it is included in a long list of ingredients totaling 780 mg as a whole so the dieter could think that means the caffeine level couldn’t be that high. However, out of the first five ingredients four are stimulants and that packs quite the stimulating punch.

Theobromine is a Xanthine and Xanthine is just another name for caffeine. Listing this ingredient first means the most abundant ingredient is caffeine. The next ingredient is cha de bugre. Cha de bugre is a stimulant and diuretic. Hoodia, the only non-stimulant in the top five ingredients in Phenom V1, is a useless appetite suppressant that has never been proven to reduce hunger in human tests. Next on the list is another strong stimulant, Guarana. Rounding out the top five are caffeine anhydrous (powdered) and green tea extract.

Maca is included as a mood booster and Banaba is supposed to regulate blood sugar levels to help control appetite. Glucomannan is a natural source of water soluble fiber that can help regulate hunger. Fiber, when consumed before a meal, takes longer to digest and thus the food in the stomach must wait for the fiber to digest. This causes a slower emptying of the stomach and less hunger.

Phenom V1 sells for $24.99 which is inexpensive for a fat burning supplement of this power. Dieters should beware of the strong stimulation. If caffeine is not a part of daily drinks and supplements the Phenom V1 could contain too much caffeine and other stimulants. Overstimulation can lead to vomiting and rapid heart rate.

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  • Stimulants increase heart rate and metabolism.
  • The description matches the product ingredient list.


  • Too many stimulants for the average dieter.
  • Fiber is used as the main appetite suppressant.


Dieters are not typically looking for “stims” as weight loss supplements. Anabolic Addiction is a manufacturer that works more for the bodybuilder than the dieter. However, the stimulants will increase heart rate and cause more calories to be burned, if the dieter can concentrate long enough to stop shaking.

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