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PhenTabz is a weight loss supplement that claims the only side effects from taking the supplement are increased energy and faster weight loss. The official website looks like a website for a prescription drug, which is exactly what the company is going for. According to the PhenTabz description, the supplement works like Phentermine, the prescription weight loss drug, but dieters don’t need a prescription. There are three products described on the website: PhenTabz, PhenTabz Teen and PhenTabz RX. None of these products lists ingredients used to promote weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • None listed.

Product Description

We looked through every link on the PhenTabz website and not one ingredient is listed for any of the three formulas Gentech Pharmaceuticals wants dieters to trust. There is mention of a proprietary blend in the FAQs section of the website, but the ingredients present in that blend are not listed.

Weight loss supplement companies have a responsibility to list all ingredients so dieters can review ingredients and choose whether or not they want to try a product. Moreover, some natural ingredients are contra-indicated when prescription medications are taken. Gentech Pharmaceuticals expects the dieter to just choose PhenTabz on faith that none of the ingredients cause negative side effects and that’s not a responsible choice for dieters to make.

The blatant use of medical images and the extension “RX” is something we consistently tell dieters to avoid. Diet supplements are not medical supplements. Prescription medications are reviewed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The same cannot be said for weight loss supplements.

We are also concerned that Gentech Pharmaceuticals markets a diet supplement for teens. Ingredients commonly used in diet supplements are not tested on teens and thus should not be considered healthy or safe for teen consumption. Of course, we are assuming there are ingredients other than those found in common vitamin supplements because the company does not list ingredients.

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  • PhenTabz can be purchased online.


  • No ingredients are listed for any of the PhenTabz products.
  • The marketing push is clearly toward dieters looking for phentermine without a prescription.
  • There is a product aimed at teens.


The first thing we look for when reviewing a diet supplement is an ingredient list. If a company is not willing to reveal the ingredients used in the formula, they are not willing to earn the trust of the consumer. We can only assume Gentech Pharmaceuticals is hiding something by not publishing the complete list of ingredients for PhenTabz, PhenTabz RX and PhenTabz Teen.

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7 User Reviews about PhenTabz

  • 1
    arabella shah

    I can not sleep when I take it


  • 2

    yes it works! i have lost weight on it and i do like it. at first it makes me quiet and i work all day. after i get use to it, its fine. i was gettting from a doctor but office vists and such but i found it here. i havent ordered it yet from online but i do know that i have had success with it with really no side effets.


  • 3

    This product sounds great.But I just can’t try this without knowing the ingredients,that’s so risky what if there’s something in it that I’m allergic to.I just can’t be faithful on them,and I guess if they don’t want to reveal the ingredients soon I’ll have to look else where to find supplement that will help me loose weight.


  • 4
    mom of 3

    Their flyer lists these ingredients:
    “Patented Ingredients”: 7-methyltheophylline, Methyl Synephrine, & Octopamine.


  • 5
    safa saleh

    I am 17 years old this product does seem that it works but does it really keep the weight off? and would I get high blood pressure or anything like that after the weight is gone?


  • 6

    Is the a problem taking PhenTabz with zoloft?


    Your Name

    Is aproblem taking phentabz if i use wellbutrin and klonopin for depression?