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For someone who is looking to begin a weight loss journey, the promise of a prescription strength product with all natural ingredients is a heady proposition. Phenterexin repeatedly claims to be both herbal and prescription strength. Unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true it often is. Phenterexin does have a number of ingredients that are found separately in other diet supplements. Some of them even have a bit of clinical information supporting their claims. The real question is, does combining the ingredients into one diet supplement offer any additional benefits for the dieter.


List of Ingredients


Methylxanthines 200 mg, Chitin 120 mg, Phenylethylamine hcl 37.5 mg, Synephrine hcl 25 mg, Hypericum Perforatum 20 mg, Sulbutiamine 10 mg.


Product Features


Phenterexin promises dieters they can lose up to 17lbs a month because of the combination of the most powerful generic appetite suppressing and weight loss promoting ingredients. The product also claims to boost mood. The price for a one month supply is about $60 depending on the reseller and does not include taxes or shipping and handling.


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  • The product is in an easy to take format.




  • The price of Phenterexin is a bit on the high side.
  • It may be difficult to find an online retailer for the product.
  • There are no clinical tests proving the efficacy of the product.
  • Many of the online reviews of the product appear to be marketing ploys.
  • The company does not offer a money back guarantee.




This product has received some great reviews on other sites, the only problem is they all look exactly the same. This is a strong indicator that the reviews are not impartial and are, instead, a marketing ploy. Each of the review touts the exact same information and glowing review. Unfortunately, the studies cited by the company pertain to individual ingredients they include in their product and are not studies that have tested the clinical validity of Phenterexin. There is no proof that combining the various ingredients increases their effectiveness. There are other concerns with this product such as the fact that the listed manufacturer no longer provides information on the product or purchasing options so the product is likely only available through third party resellers at this point. This is often an indication that the company manufacturing the product has moved on to a new product after garnering as many sales as possible with a previous product. With no real information available about the product, difficulty locating a sales location, no money back guarantee, and questionable marketing tactics this is probably not the best diet supplement for consumers who are looking for a reputable product.

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