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The official website for Phentermax tells us that it is a revolutionary medical weight loss program that has served ten thousand people, each with a loss of at least twenty pounds in three months. The official website goes on to tell us that the Phentermax weight loss programme consists of Doctor’s visits, regular shots and appetite suppressant medication.


There are no ingredients, Phentermax is a supervised weight loss program.

Product Features

The official website tells us that, for the price of $329.00, you can register online for the Phentermax program. Your $329.00 will entitle you to an initial doctor’s visit, eight weeks of injections and a month’s supply of an appetite suppressant medication, namely Phentermine. Phentermine is a medication that acts on the central nervous system, and triggers the brain chemical dopamine. Phentermine has very similar traits to amphetamines, and therefore it should only be taken under close medical supervision. If you do decide to subscribe to the Phentermax program, you should make sure that the doctor you see under the Phentermax program has your full medical history. Phentermax has a large number of warnings associated with it, therefore if you decide to take Phentermine and you are already taking other medication it is imperative to make sure that you are aware of all the contraindications. The injections that you are given consists of L-Carnitine, Chromate and Vitamin B6. The website tells us that the injections are given to ensure good general health during the weight loss programme. We are also told that, for the initial Doctor’s visit, you will need to make a visit to Las Vegas.

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  • There is a detailed official website for the Phentermax weight loss program.
  • This weight loss program is carried out under medical supervision.
  • There are a number of positive testimonials on the official website for the Phentermax programme.


  • If you do not live in the Las Vegas area you will need to make a trip to Las Vegas for the initial doctor’s appointment, on time of the program dues.
  • There are a number of contraindications and side effects connected with the appetite suppressant drug Phentermine.
  • The Phentermax programme is relatively costly.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.
  • Some people are very uncomfortable with needles, and the program requires a series of injections.


The subscription to the Phentermax program is expensive, and it is mostly meant to treat clinical obesity. The program does however entail a number of elements to justify this high cost, including a doctor’s visit, prescribed medication and a course of injections. However, Phentermine, which makes up part of the Phentermax program, has caused some controversy amongst diet experts. It has traits similar to amphetamines, has addictive qualities, a large number of side effects, and is certainly only suitable on short-term use. Although there are some points in favour of the Phentermax program, we would prefer not to recommend programs which entail taking this medication. We’ll leave that to you and your doctor.

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