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There is an official website for the weight loss product Phenterthin but unfortunately the information given on this website regarding Phenterthin is virtually non existent. We are told that Phenterthin is a prescription free alternative to Phentermine and that it is an appetite suppressant which also works to increase the rate of your metabolism. However we are not given much further information other than this.


The official website for Phenterthin, does not give us any information regarding the ingredients present in Phenterthin.

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Unfortunately it is very difficult to properly assess this product as there is so little information available regarding it. There is an offer of a free fifteen day trial available, but when we click on the icon which will supposedly give us further information on the free fifteen day trial we certainly are not directed towards further information regarding Phenterthin. Also there are unfortunately a number of negative testimonials online written by those who have subscribed to a free trial of Phenterthin and then subsequently had their credit card debited for the cost of a months supply. It seems that some of these people had cancelled within the prescribed time period. The official website for Phenterthin also advertises two other weight loss products which include Pentrathin and Phentrazine. We must pose the question whether in fact Pentrathin is a spelling mistake and whether in fact it may be the same product as Phenterthin. All in all it is very difficult to have confidence in this product. There is no ingredient information given and the icon on the official website which supposedly directs us to further information concerning this product does not do so.

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  • There is an official website for Phenterthin.
  • It seems that there is an offer of a free trial of Phenterthin.
  • There are testimonials posted on line regarding Phenterthin.


  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee upon purchase of Phenterthin.
  • There are a large number of negative testimonials posted online regarding Phenterthin.
  • There are no ingredient details posted on the official website for Phenterthin.
  • A number of factors mean that it is difficult to have any confidence in this product or the company which manufactures it.


We simply cannot recommend a product for which there is no ingredient information given on the official website, or at least a list of the contraindications for the product given. This is a question of safety as people with certain medical conditions should not take weight loss products which contain certain ingredients. Furthermore the official website for Phenterthin is very confused and unclear. It appears to be advertising three separate weight loss products but we were unable to gain detailed information on any. Confidence in this product becomes almost non existent when on top of everything else there are a large number of negative testimonials posted by those who have used Phenterthin.

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