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It is clear that many weight loss product companies are copying prescription diet drugs. While this may sound convenient, you need to consider the fact that prescription drugs are regulated by the FDA for a reason. Many of these diet pills can lead to side effects and serious health disorders. The last thing you want is to end up with a serious medical condition because you took a diet pill. In this piece, we are going to look more closely at Phentirimine capsules. Now, you may have seen a few other diet products with a very similar name. They are out there. As for Phentirimine, this is a weight loss formula that can be obtained online.


  • Phentirimine HCL

Product Features

Phentirimine is marketed as pharmaceutical-grade, and endeavors to boost your metabolism, elevate energy levels, suppress appetite, and help you burn off more calories. It appears to be similar to prescription weight loss drugs like Phentermine, but does not require a doctor’s prescription to obtain. This of course means that Phentirimine is not regulated by the FDA. In order to use this weight loss formula, you take one capsule each morning, prior to exercise or breakfast. A second dose can be taken in the afternoon, and it is important to drink a full glass of water with each dose.

The only substance mentioned for this weight reduction supplement is Phentirimine HCL. This ingredient apparently has the ability to curb hunger, boost energy, burn off calories, and ignite the metabolism. However, it is beneficial to incorporate a healthy eating plan and regular exercise in order to see more significant weight loss results. There is no Ephedra or Ephedrine used in this diet pill, and no side effects are mentioned.

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  • This diet pill may help boost energy levels.
  • This supplement may assist with appetite suppression.


  • No clinical study results are presented on Phentirimine.
  • There is a warning posted with this product that pertains to those with heart problems, high blood pressure, and women who are pregnant.
  • This product is not regulated by the FDA, which is concerning.
  • This diet pill is a copy of a prescription weight loss drug.


We do not encourage you to choose a diet pill like Phentirimine for weight reduction. This is mainly due to the health problems this kind of weight loss formula can cause. Since the original version of this diet drug is Phentermine, it is more likely to yield real weight loss results. However, it needs to be regulated by a physician. A real doctor can warn you about potential dangers, proper dosage instructions, and whether or not this formula is right for you. If you prefer an over-the-counter diet product, there are safer alternatives available.

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