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Those marketing and selling Phentrazine say that it is in the sympathomimetic family of appetite suppressant. Their claim is that, in conjunction with diet, exercise and behaviour therapy, it will help you lose weight. They say that the results of taking Phentrazine will not only be weight loss, but also better control of your appetite and increased energy levels.


There is no list available of the ingredients in Phentrazine.

Product Features.

Phentrazine can be ordered from online stores at a price of $79.95 for a one-month’s supply. There is also a fifteen day free trial available with this product. Those selling Phentrazine say that you should take one tablet fifteen to thirty minutes before breakfast, and that it will increase your metabolic rate by 75% and that, following the use of this weight loss product, you will see up to a 19% drop in fat. There are testimonials available for this product with some having found it useful and others giving a warning to stay away from Phentrazine. The fact that there is no ingredients list available for Phentrazine means that we have not idea what is contained in this product.

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  • There is a fifteen day free trial.
  • Phentrazine can be ordered easily online.
  • There are online testimonials available for Phentrazine.


  • There is no ingredients list available for Phentrazine.
  • There have been a number of very uncomplimentary testimonials written by those who have used or who have ordered Phentrazine.
  • We have not been able to find any clinical evidence that Phentrazine lives up to product claims.
  • The manufacturers of Phentrazine do not provide us with the results of any controlled, standardized clinical trials which show that Phentrazine is effective and safe to use.


Apart from the marketing material behind this product that claims that it will help users to lose weight, as well as increasing their energy levels, there is a serious lack of information about Phentrazine available for the consumer. The fact that the manufacturers have not released information regarding the ingredients in Phentrazine gives us serious cause for concern. We simply cannot make an informed decision or opinion regarding Phentrazine when we do not even have a realistic idea of what is in the product. As far as we are concerned Phentrazine could contain any number of ingredients which could put your health at risk, such as the now banned Ephedrine which some manufactures continue to put into their weight loss products. We would suggest that if the manufacturers of Phentrazine want people to have confidence in their product, that they release some information regarding the ingredients in Phentrazine. Only when we have this information can we seriously review this product.

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