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Phoenix Extreme is a fat loss supplement sold by Better Body Sports. The formula contains one proven ingredient, but the effect of that proven ingredient is masked by the possible negative side effects of PEA and PEA Analogues. PEA is not a safe diet ingredient for dieters with a history of mental illness or those currently taking medications for mental illness of any kind. Some mood altering medications are prescribed off-label for smoking cessation and weight loss. PEA may interfere with how these medications affect mood.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea Extract
  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • PEA
  • PEA Analogues
  • Evodiamine

Product Features

Green tea extract is the only proven ingredient in Phoenix Extreme. Clinical studies have proven that green tea extract and derivates of green tea, including caffeine and EGCG, work to increase metabolism in both stimulating and non-stimulating manners. Including this ingredient is important, but we have no idea how much green tea extract is included so we can’t say if the clinical studies support this supplement or not.

PEA is the next most important ingredient. It is crucial that dieters with a mental illness of any kind – depression, anxiety, panic attacks and many others, do not take this supplement. PEA is known to affect mood and the effects have been compared to the effects of illegal street drugs in some dieters. PEA should never be taken with prescription medications that alter mood.

There is an official website for Better Body Sports that lists Phoenix Extreme for sale. While the price is lower than some diet supplements on the market, the formula is ineffective. There is no label showing the amounts of each ingredient and no testimonials. Better Body Sports does not offer a free trial for this supplement.

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  • Contains green tea extract.
  • Available on the official website.


  • No label showing ingredients and amounts.
  • May not contain enough green tea.
  • Contains a mood-altering ingredient.
  • Not safe for dieters taking prescription mood-altering drugs.
  • May not be safe taken in conjunction with herbal mood boosters.


There are proven thermogenic ingredients and ingredients that supplement companies want dieters to believe will work to increase weight loss. Phoenix Extreme contains one proven ingredient, but the company does not bother to list any clinical trials pertaining to this ingredient. We have no idea how much is included, but we do know dieters should be extremely wary of taking a supplement with multiple sources of PEA.

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