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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Phoenix Fury is a caffeinated potato chip. There are hundreds of caffeinated products on the market – everything from ice cream to nasal spray. Our society is addicted to sleeping less and doing more in less time and that means caffeine intake is at an all-time high. NRG Phoenix Fury is not a product for children. The potato chips contain about the same amount of caffeine as 3.5 cups of coffee, but how much is that really? We could find no information on how much caffeine is in each bag and several attempts from possible buyers went unnoticed. There are even some consumers who’ve called the company that sells Phoenix Fury asking about caffeine content to no avail.

List of Ingredients


  • Potato
  • Caffeine
  • Taurine
  • B Vitamins

Product Features

The ingredient list for Phoenix Fury is not listed online. There are references to the ingredients and we assumed potato chips would contain potatoes. We found several articles on the product, but nothing solid in terms of reviews. What we do know is that Golden Flake, the company behind Phoenix Fury, is located in the south-eastern US. This is where the caffeinated chips are sold. We also found out that Phoenix Fury is the name of the flavor and not the product.

What we don’t know is really more important than what we do. The dieter has no idea what the complete ingredient list is for the product. We could not access the Golden Flake website at the time of this review for more information on NRG Chips or Phoenix Fury, so that is another strike against the product. (We tried for a total of five days to access the page to no avail.)

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  • Contains a healthy amount of caffeine per serving.
  • Could increase energy.


  • We could not find a dedicated ingredient list.
  • We have no idea how much caffeine is in Phoenix Fury.
  • The product contains a lot of calories and fat.
  • This is not a healthy snack for a dieter.
  • The caffeine content could cause negative side effects.


While we’d like to give Phoenix Fury a whirl just to say we ate caffeinated potato chips, we are not sold on this product as a viable alternative to other caffeinated supplements and foods. This product is nothing more than a novelty items that will fall by the way side like caffeinated water and green ketchup.

If you want to take caffeine for weight loss, look for a product that contains other proven ingredients as well. Look for diet testimonials and product reviews and, if possible, a money-back guarantee.

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