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Phorce by Phantom Labs is a two-ingredient prohormone. Instead of altering just one controlled prohormone, the company decided to alter two and include both in the formula. This prohormone will have strong effects on muscle growth, but it also comes at a price. Prohormones affect the liver, blood pressure, water retention and cholesterol, so a strong post cycle therapy needs to be ready and waiting for the end of the prohormone cycle. As directed on the bottle, Phorce should be taken twice daily for a maximum of four weeks. After the four week cycle, the bodybuilder should take PCT immediately for at least four weeks.

Dieters are not in the muscle mass business. Though exercise does increase lean muscle mass, the effects of prohormones are far stronger than exercise alone. Lean muscle gained from using prohormones will not last beyond the prohormone cycle, at least not all the muscle gained. There is some expected loss of muscle during PCT, but the amount of muscle each bodybuilder loses is different.

List of Ingredients

13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10) dien-17-one and 17b-hydroxy-2a,17-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3-one azine.

Product Features

In 2005 the bodybuilding supplement market took a huge hit. Many prohormones were placed on a controlled substance list and they were considered illegal for use in competition. While the law changed things for a while, companies soon found a loophole. Prohormones are defined by the chemical make-up. If one small part of the chemical is changed, it is a complete different compound. So, chemists set out to make small changes and reintroduce the old favorites on the market as alternatives to controlled substances. The changes worked as the new prohormones are not illegal or controlled, but drug tests will still test positive in most cases.

Prohormones affect liver function, raise cholesterol and raise blood pressure. Estrogen can cause increased breast size in men, as well. PCT, post cycle therapy, aims to reduce the effects, but it will not work in all cases.

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  • Phantom lists all ingredients for Phorce online.
  • The supplement will cause increased lean muscle mass.
  • Does not contain any controlled prohormones.


  • May affect liver function, increase cholesterol and increase blood pressure.
  • Not safe for all bodybuilders.
  • Should not be taken if there is an underlying heart condition.


Prohormones used to be bodybuilding gold, but bodybuilders have grown smarter over the years. Many forums are filled with new bodybuilders asking about prohormones and the consensus from seasoned lifters is – stay away. The negative effects of prohormones may be long-lasting and life-threatening, in some cases. It is best to seek medical advice before trying a prohormone.

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