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Phosphagen HP is mostly used by those people who are unable to devote time in their day for meals, lunches and dinners. The product adds the same amount of proteins, fats and minerals in your body by just having a tablet. Natural as well as synthetic supplements have always been a great source for temporary strength increase. There are thousands of ways for getting extra energy for temporary or permanent period of time. Furthermore, every different way/method has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. You can simply eat more and can have extra energy. But that also depends upon your daily routine, physical activities and number of other factors. Moreover, you can improve your meal ingredients; i.e. you can add energy rich content in your food and can have extra energy for a defined period of time. Different natural as well as synthetic supplements have different advantages as well as disadvantages. Furthermore, the application of every next natural supplement is different and designed for different group of people. For example,

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Phosphagen HP claims not to increases your number of pounds. It states to increase your strength output; i.e. intelligent and efficient allocation of your available resources. Consuming Phosphagen HP is suppose to allow you to lift heavier weights.

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  • As also stated earlier, that the consumption of Phosphagen HP is suppose to increase your strength output and claims to allow you to life much more heavier weights in comparison to your daily routine strength


  • It is said that consumption of Phosphagen HP causes muscle growth, which in turn is suppose to allow you to feel healthier, active and more powerful than a person who does not use the product


  • The product claims short recovery time: After lifting too much weights or consuming too much power, your tissues usually get stretched. Reports say that by using Phosphagen HP, it should allow you to recover the tissues in a very short period of time.



  • The product consumes too much water in your body and may also cause serious dehydration in your body. Therefore it is always recommended to use excessive water when using the product.


  • Weight gain is among the most popular side effects which may result after the consumption of degraded Phosphagen HP.


Many people consider the product as fake. Gaining extra power without gaining extra weight is something which is sought by thousands by people, but this may not be the right way to go about it. Also, some users state that they did gain weight using this product. Consult with a physician before making any decisions.

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