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Phantom Phreak is a prohormone supplement from Phantom Labs. The supplement is methylated so it will have an effect on the liver. Bodybuilders should always take prohormones in cycles following the prohormone with recovery supplements to reduce the potential long-term effects on the liver and other organs. There is very little proven information available for Phreak as most bodybuilding supplements are not fully tested before they hit the market. In-house testing revealed some potential side effects, we assume, because there is quite a warning associated with this substance. The bodybuilder should not take the supplement for longer than advised on the label. If there are underlying medical conditions, prohormones should not be used without the strict advice of a physician.

List of Ingredients

4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-dien3-17b-diol and 2a,17a dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one, 17b-ol.

Product Features

As of 2005, many popular prohormones are listed on a controlled substance list in the United States. Controlled substances are available by prescription for medical reasons, but they are not allowed in athletic competitions. Supplement companies took many of the formulas associated with these controlled substances and changed the chemical compounds to create new prohormones. The result is the same effect, but the supplement is completely legal. This does not mean the new prohormones will pass a drug test, just that they are not listed on the controlled substance list.

Phantom Phreak claims to increase lean muscle and muscle mass. This is likely true, but the gains are short lived. Reviews of the supplement report painful muscles and water retention after just one cycle. After taking a prohormone, PCT is required. PCT stands for post cycle therapy. Methylated ingredients affect liver health and thus require a recovery supplement to counteract the effects.

Phantom Phreak will not increase weight loss or metabolism. The substance creates short-term effects, which will likely reverse after the cycle on the prohormone is complete.

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  • Will likely increase lean muscle.
  • Available for sale online.
  • All ingredients for Phreak are listed.


  • May affect liver function.
  • The results may not last after the bodybuilder stops taking the supplement.
  • May cause headaches, swelling, muscle pain and anxiety.
  • May increase anger and depression.


Prohormones are simply not safe and should not be used by bodybuilders unfamiliar with prohormones. PCT is required after each cycle and should not be skipped for the sake of muscle loss. Most bodybuilders report the side effects of prohormones to be greater than the lasting effects.

Dieters will not see any weight loss effects when taking prohormones. If a dieter or bodybuilder suffers from high blood pressure or other heart-related condition, they should not take Phreak or other prohormones.

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