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What You Should Know

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Physiologics is a supplement company rooted in science. The official website offers detailed descriptions of each supplement and contact information for the company if visitors have questions. There are main subcategories, such as amino acids and mental function. Within these subcategories is a complete listing of supplements formulated by Physiologics that support the specific health need described. Under the weight management category there are four supplements – 7-Keto, Chitosan, MultiLogics MetaLogic with EGCG and PhysioWhey Powder. MultiLogics MetaLogic is the only supplement that contains a proven metabolism booster, EGCG.

We did not find any testimonials on the Physiologics website. The company is not as well known in the diet pill market as other names like Hydroxycut, which could account for the lack of testimonials. The formula for MultiLogics is not listed in the product description, but we know the formula contains a multivitamin and green tea.

List of Ingredients

MultiLogics MetaLogic with EGCG: Multivitamin with green tea standardized for EGCG.

Product Features

A strong multivitamin is important for the dieter because reducing calorie intake may affect vitamin intake. We suggest dieters take a multivitamin daily, in addition to any diet supplement they may choose to boost metabolism. MultiLogics MetaLogic with EGCG from Physiologics is designed to kill two birds with one stone. The formula, though not expressly revealed on the official website, contains both green tea and EGCG. Green tea and EGCG are proven to boost metabolism. There may be some caffeine in the supplement if decaffeinated green tea is not used. Caffeine would add another proven ingredient to the formula.

In order for green tea to increase metabolism, a proven amount must be included in the formula. Without a detailed ingredient list, we have no idea if enough green tea is added.

The other supplements for weight loss offered by Physiologics are not as strong as proven weight loss supplements with multiple ingredients. We like to see a fat burner and appetite suppressant rolled into one supplement. We doubt an appetite suppressant is added to MultiLogics MetaLogic with EGCG.

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  • The formula contains EGCG – metabolism booster.
  • Could contain enough green tea to support metabolism.
  • Could contain some caffeine.
  • Supports overall health with multivitamins.
  • A detailed description is listed on the official Physiologic website for all supplements.


  • We did not find a complete ingredient list.
  • No amount is listed for green tea.


Taking a multivitamin is an important part of dieting. We love the fact that Physiologics offers a multivitamin with green tea and EGCG, but we would like to know how much of these ingredients are included in the formula. This lack of information does not give the dieter much to go on when researching Physiologics.

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