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If you could learn how to workout with all the right moves for weight loss and physical fitness, would you do it? Physique 57 claims to have the ideal workout for anyone wanting a better body. Gyms are located in New York and Los Angeles, but the workouts are also available on DVD for dieters who live in other cities. There are women on the front of every DVD, so we assume the workouts are tailored to women and not men. Physique 57 is a combination of cardio and isometric exercises to promote weight loss, increased metabolism and physical strength.

List of Ingredients

Exercise program for weight loss available in-person and on DVD.

Product Features

There is very little information on the Physique 57 workout program on the official website. The dieter is offered a few pictures and brief descriptions of the benefits associated with the workout, but that may not be enough to sell the product. According to Physique 57, the benefits of the workout include a sculpted body, lean muscles, improved flexibility, stronger abs and buttocks and improved bone density. These claims can be made of any exercise program, so we are unsure what sets Physique 57 apart.

The Physique 57 website sells a variety of workout DVDs. Dieters can choose from individual DVDs, which sell for $25 each, or they can order a package containing multiple workout DVDs. The Best Selling Package contains three workouts – Classic, Express and Arm and Ab Booster. The company even throws in an exercise ball and pump for good measure. This package sells for $60, but the dieter can try it out for 30 days and return it if they are not satisfied. A second package includes Classic, Advanced Express and Thigh and Seat Booster. This kit does not include an exercise ball and pump. It sells for $50.

Working out at home is something many dieters attempt as part of a weight loss program. In some cases, the dieter will jump online and purchase DVDs for these home workouts, but walking is often the better beginning choice. Some DVDs are hard to follow and they expect the dieter to have some fitness background.

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  • Cardio exercise for weight loss.
  • DVDs and in-person workouts available.
  • 30-day trial is available for DVD purchases.


  • The DVDs are priced higher than comparable products.
  • Home workout DVDs tend to grow boring, easily.


Dieters need to exercise for weight loss, but that does not mean going out and buying exercise DVDs. Walking achieves most of the same benefits described in the product Description for Physique 57 and it is completely free. With the free trial, dieters do have the option of trying out the workout before paying.

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