Physique 57 Total Body Workout Review

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What You Should Know

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Physique 57 Total Body Workout uses interval overload to create lean lines and a fit body. According to the official website, the program fatigues the muscle to the point of collapse and then stretches the muscle. The program does not appear to use weights or any outside equipment, just fluid movements and stretching, but further research reveals free weights are used in the program. The description of the program leads us to believe this is not a beginner workout. The level of fatigue for beginners is far different than the level of fatigue for people at an advanced fitness level. There are DVD programs and Physique 57 Total Body Workout programs in a gym setting. There could be slight differences between the gym and DVD workouts.

The official website for Physique 57 Total Body Workout offers direct ordering and information on gyms located in New York and Los Angeles. There are no gyms listed in other cities. Information on retreats and testimonials from dieters losing weight and getting fit on the program are published on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Isometric workout program.

Product Features

The FAQs section on the Physique 57 Total Body Workout website explains the program in detail. Followers perform intense exercise movements followed by series of stretches. This interval training increases the heart rate in short bouts and then allows the heart rate to slow down before the next big push. Interval training is highly effective, but it is not designed for beginners. Ideally, the personal following the Physique 57 program would have a history in fitness and a strong fitness level before starting the program.

DVDs are available, but the gym programs use a ballet bar and free weights. These may not be available at home, which means either the program is altered or the dieter will need to purchase extra equipment. Some of the more common exercises include the plank, knee dancing and back dancing. All gym programs are completed on a plush carpet to reduce impact on joints.

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  • Will likely improve fitness levels and increase weight loss.
  • Includes stretching in the routine.


  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Requires plush carpeting.
  • The program uses a ballet bar, free weights and a stall bar.
  • Gyms are located in Los Angeles and New York only.


The Physique 57 Total Body Workout is unique, but it is also intense. We suggest new dieters try a different program until they build up their fitness level high enough to complete this DVD. If you are located in an area with a Physique 57 gym, a starter class may be available so you can judge the true physical impact on the body.

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