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Physique products make the claim that it allows you to have some high quality food products which are safe for your body and overall health. They state that by consuming physique products, it should give you a good energy level without giving you any extra weight. Moreover, it is supposedly one of the safest products currently available in the market to increase your energy levels without significantly increasing your weight. Physique products are said that they are not cooked in oil or other potentially dangerous and harmful cooking stuff. Instead, it is reported that almost all physique products are baked and hence do not involve any consumption of oil. Excessive consumption of oil, not only results in blockage of arteries but can also cause some serious health problems. The greatest disadvantage of many energy supplements is that they are potentially dangerous and harmful for your body tissues and overall health. Using meal replacement in place of supplements can help you avoid such side effects.

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One of the greatest advantages reported of Physique products is that it kills your hunger while providing you some nicely seasoned foods. Some of the snack products of Physique products are reported to be really delicious and can take place of your regular meals. At the same time, your not suppose to gain any extra weight and fulfill your power and energy requirements easily.

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  • Trans fats and hydrogenated oils are considered as a slow poison for almost every human being. Physique products are reportedly free from any trans facts and hydrogenated oils.


  • Physique products supposedly do not include any artificial colors and hence this is suppose to make them free from potentially dangerous chemicals which can ruin your stomach.


  • Ingredients used in the production of Physique products are rich in calcium and proteins.



  • Physique products are not available in each and every part of the world. This is the reason why it lacks its influences and hence effectiveness.


  • One should understand that these products are meal replacement products. But, they do not give the actual strength and effectiveness as present in real and natural food. Therefore, they are for short term consumption.


In simple words, I’m still a skeptic on this product. The core reason behind this is that they are said to be quite safe, and keep you active, stronger and healthy but have very little testimonies that say so. I would personally stay away from products like these until they are FDA approved.

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