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Phyto Shape is a diet pill which was produced by Etumax Corporation in Malaysia. The product was initially launched in United States of America. But due to number of associated health risks, the product was banned in United States. The core purpose of the pill is to lose excessive weight/fat in your body. Though the producer of the pill claim to use natural ingredients in the production of pill, the Food and Drug associated detected some unnatural materials in the product. After that, the product was slammed among a huge number of people. When people came to know its various side effects they starting giving up the option.

Despite its so much unacceptability, the product is still used in different parts of the world without any reported complaints or negative feedback. In fact there are some people who seem happy with the product and praise the producer and its natural ingredients. You can learn from various websites that the product supposedly has no reported side effects , but due to its potential harmfulness, that it may cause, the product is not very commonly used among general public. If you are living in United States of America and still want to buy the product, you can order it online.

Product Features

The greatest feature of the product is the claim made by its producer. The claim is that it loses the weight without harming your body organs or overall health. In contrast with other weight loss pills, the pill is quiet efficient, effective, and a longer term solution.

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  • The greatest advantage of Phyto Shape is that it is said to be useable by almost every one; young and adult.


  • It makes claims that it loses weight without damaging your body parts and overall health.



  • Doctors claim that the product increases the blood pressure of the dieters.

    . Many claims have shown that the consumption of Phyto Shape pill causes troubles in breathing properly.


  • Further studies have shown the excessive consumption of pill may also result in serious headache which can consequently have greater negative effects.


  • Many unsuccessful stories also claim blurry vision after consumption of the pill.


There’s no doubt that despite its worse disadvantages and side effects, the product is still sold and used in different regions of the world. We do not know whether the pill contains any unnatural materials or not, but we know that the pill is supposedly effective in losing weight for some people. I would simply avoid using this supplement and seek the help of your doctor on safer ways to lose weight while eating healthy without any negatives effects.

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    Please I need to know desperately where can I buy Phytoshape in any country around d world….I am a flight attendant so I fly everywhere in the world…thanks a lot


  • 2

    How can I order phyto shape



    I used it and it’s amazing product the only thing i moved from Dubai to Canada and i don’t know from where can I order it any advise please


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    i would like to order 10 boxes of phytoshape slimming pills but the box is the green color from out side with photo show girl lift her hand up not the old one with photo of family, so i want to know the price and process please


    Your Name

    Well let me know if you got some and how… I’d love to have 10 boxes too


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    Sana Abid

    i would like to order 4 boxes of phytoshape slimming pills so want to know the price and process



    How can I order phyto shape and is it the same one made in Malaysia?