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Phytosterols are usually found in vegetable oils, naturally occurring plants and in corn oil and soybean oil. There are hundreds of Phytosterol products which are currently available in the market. The core purpose of the medications and blends made with Phytosterols is supposedly to reduce weight and to reduce cholesterol levels. Phytosterols are found in almost each and every plant, but the quantity of steroid acids found in each plant is different and not yet determined exactly. Though Phytosterols are among the structural components of cell-membrane but are used as various food additives as well. They are used in different foods to reduce your cholesterol level.

Despite the claims by Phytosterols makers of its benefits and advantages, the Phytosterols are often criticized by a great number of people. This may be because of its adverse effects. Many people criticize that the product is not fully evaluated and discussed in front of public. Furthermore, there are many doctors and physicians who do not speak in the favor of the product. Many people don’t prefer it as a food additive.

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Product Features

Phytosterols is supposedly available in almost every plant and this is the reason why they are also present in every food you make with such herbs and shrubs. Phytosterol reportedly ensures maximum cholesterol reduction in your body and is suppose to ensure a healthier and active day.

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  • Phytosterols claims to reduce or completely diminish the absorption of cholesterol in your bloodstream.


  • It’s suppose to save you from getting severe circumstances in which excessive cholesterol in your body can ruin up your body organs like heart and kidneys.


  • It is available not only at grocery stores, but also on thousands of websites from every corner of the world. This is the reason why they are consumed happily by millions of people from every region.


  • You can also find various food products in grocery stores and on internet which contain phytosterols in the defined proportions.
  • Disadvantages


  • The product has not been demonstrated completely and actively in front of the public.


  • Doctors are not happy with the consumption of phytosterols that are applied to foods
  • Conclusion

    After learning that Phytosterols is not FDA approved and makes claims that it cannot back up, I seemly cannot stand behind this product. While this product holds some type of influence in the drug supplement community, the real advantages are hard to determine. There are thousands of websites that review Phytosterols and other medical products that do not leave such a great and convincing review on the product. Joining forums and blogs will tell you even more about these products.

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