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Pick It, Kick It is a diet book written by Diane Hart of Oxygen Magazine. The book offers a way to make healthier choices, enabling you to lose weight easily without giving up on your favorite foods. Unlike other diet programs that require you to count calories, fat intake, carbs, and more, the Pick It, Kick It book simply shows you how to swap unhealthy ingredients for healthy and flavorful ones. You’ll also learn how to read nutrition labels accurately and how to order when you go out to eat. If you’re looking for a new way to revitalize your diet, continue reading this review to see how Pick It, Kick It can help you on this mission.

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Pick It, Kick It is more than just a book. The book is designed to help you break out of patterns that hurt your weight loss goals and give you what you need to start living a healthier lifestyle all around. The book includes many recipes that are low in fat and calories. On top of that you’ll also find a restaurant guide that helps you understand how to make better choices when dining out. You’ll also learn how to read nutrition labels accurately. Pick It, Kick It is designed to help you with your entire lifestyle, not just what you eat.

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  • The easy to follow format of Pick It, Kick It helps you get right to the point and find the page you need in a hurry.
  • The recipes are simple to follow.


  • A book may be a good resource, but it’s hard to change your lifestyle based only on that.
  • A lot of the substitutions the book suggests aren’t always reasonable.
  • Those on a budget can find it hard to keep their pantry stocked with the ingredients necessary for a lot of the recipes.
  • Even though Pick It, Kick It offers many recipes, they can get boring after a few weeks.
  • The lack of a tracking program regarding calories and fat can be a big disadvantage since it doesn’t hold you accountable for what you eat.


The Pick It, Kick It program can certainly help you get on a healthier track. Once you learn the basics you can start to incorporate these ideas in to your diet easily. However, if you decide to combine the theories of this book along with a good exercise program and other diet supplements you’ll have faster success. You also want to find a way to actually track your intake of calories and fat. This way you are holding yourself accountable. The bottom line is if you combine Pick It, Kick It with other diet methods it can create a great diet program that will help you lose weight quickly and easily.

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