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The Picture Perfect Diet is a diet that emphasizes learning appropriate serving and nutritional levels in food in order to make healthy choices about food. Pictures are provided to illustrate its diet guidelines instead of text to show dieters which foods to avoid and which foods to eat. The diet only requires dieters to make wiser, healthier choices about what they eat, and the loose guidelines may interest dieters who do not want to undertake a serious program.

Most diets tend to stick to text and community support, but Picture Perfect takes a different, more visual route. According to its huge community database, they appreciate this approach but do not seem to favor the slow weight loss. Picture Perfect does not claim to help dieters lose weight, however; they state it only helps dieters make healthier decisions about what they eat. Let’s review the diet in detail.


Picture Perfect Diet provides illustrations to help dieters make healthier choices about the foods they consume.

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The Picture Perfect Diet emphasizes that knowledge is the best way to lose weight, and they provide pictures that illustrate good and bad food choices. They even go so far as to include illustrations of types of food to avoid in restaurants, and they state that dieters should study these pictures in order to learn good eating habits. They also provide additional shopping and food tips for eating low-cal while enjoying delicious food. According to numerous testimonials, this unique approach is easier than reading text, and the tips did help them gain knowledge about appropriate serving and food amounts to consume during a diet. Most state that the weight loss is very slow and not to their satisfaction, which seems to be the only issue with dieters.

The Picture Perfect Diet may help dieters gain perspective on the best foods to eat, but it seems it may not help dieters lose the type of weight desired.

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  • There is an emphasis on learning correct portion sizes and healthier foods, which is shown to help dieters lose weight steadily.
  • Approaches dieting in a no nonsense manner with illustrative demonstrations and shopping tips.


  • Does not actually claim to help dieters lose weight.
  • Only offers information about how to pick correct food and portion sizes.
  • Appears to offer only an online community for diet related support.


The Picture Perfect Diet offers dieters a database for learning about appropriate food and portion sizes for losing weight, and learning how to calculate appropriate portion sizes may help dieters on a calorie controlled diet. It does not offer any other diet-related benefits, however, and does not actually claim to be a legitimate diet for consumers.

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