Pilates Ab Exerciser Review

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Pilate Abs exercise is supposedly a very popular method of toning your abs. It is mainly meant for flattening or toning you stomach area. If you are looking for a whole body workout, it is not the right exercise for you. This exercise can be done at home or any place comfortable to you with almost no costly equipments. Pilate exercises claims to have also been used as compliment to other form of exercises like yoga and aerobics. They state that there are many instructional DVD’s available in the market at a very minimal price. One of them, bit popular is “Gaiam’s Pilate Abs DVD with Ana Caban.”

The cost of this DVD is approximately eleven dollars and can be bought online with free shipping.

There are supposedly several other dvds Gaiam has to offer, which claims to also give a wide range of choice to pilates students. They state they have DVD’s for beginners, intermediate and for advanced pilates students. All of these videos are supposed to be easy to follow and can be done at the comfort of one’s home.

List of Ingredients

Exercise mat, small towels, comfortable clothing and 65 cm ball (optional).

Product Features

The dvd is a vigorous workout for those who want firmer abs as quickly as possible. The strong and lean pilates body states to start with core muscles. The Pilates Abs Workout claims to help slim and strengthen those core muscles. Certified Pilates instructor Ana Caban reportedly guides a sequence of highly efficient and challenging exercises, focusing on form and precise movement. A modified version allegedly demonstrated for those with limited flexibility and strength.

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  • It states it is easy to learn


  • It states it can be performed at Home


  • It states it is very effective and gets you quick results


  • It claims the instructional DVD’s are available at a very low price.



  • Cannot be used as a professional body building routine


  • Instructor or Instructional DVD is a must.


  • Only focuses on one part of the body.


  • Product focuses on toning not on weight loss.


While exercising can be good, I question this method of toning and exercising. It doesn’t state clearly what it does or how it helps you. The reviews on this method are few and far. It is not popularly talked about enough for anyone to recommend to the next person. I would consult a physical trainer before engaging in this type of exercise and spending the money to do so. It is only the individual and a physician who can know what exercises are best for him or her.

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